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New Supplements Revealed Documentary Set to Release on February 18, 2020

TimesofCBD wants to put the spotlight on an upcoming Supplements Revealed movie that is a 9-part documentary film that shares valuable insights from experts and product manufacturers about the the health of the wellness supplementation industry. CBD, being the most popular herbal ingredient in the world, is likely to be featured in the Supplements Revealed documentary.




Supplements Revealed is a new online video series that will expose the secrets and knowledge of big pharma and the supplement industry good and bad, that every consumer should be made aware of.

What is Supplements Revealed?

Everyone has different ways of enhancing their health, but millions of Americans have to take prescription medications every day anyway. From allergies to the more severe issues and chronic conditions, prescription medications are what bring in profits for Big Pharma and for the creators of these medicines. A new video from Supplements Revealed indicates that there are other ways to eradicate health problems and feel better naturally.

Why Join Supplements Revealed?

Supplements Revealed positions itself in quite a positive and innovative spot for consumers, helping the public to learn about the supplements they should be using and whether they are getting the help they think they are out of them. Prescription medication has been touted as a solution for so long, but the use of the techniques in Supplements revealed could show them how to use supplements instead.

Consumers that consistently wonder about how much they can trust the health industry need to use this opportunity to learn secrets that could substantially impact their way of treatment. They’ll also learn about the way these supplements are rated, how certain ingredients are meant to work, and what supplements can offer beyond their normal eating. This presentation will even show consumers what all the hype about CBD amounts to and if the compound is a good option for them. The only way to access these videos is through the free online registration at the official website.

All of the information shown in the presentation will teach consumers scientifically-proven ways of improving their health, allowing them to naturally eradicate issues like:

  • Digestion difficulties
  • Mental fatigue
  • Joint pain
  • Tiredness
  • Chronic illness
  • Low testosterone levels
  • Lack of stamina
  • Muscle soreness and fatigue

The creators of Supplements Revealed own no supplement company or supplement production themselves, allowing them to offer details without any particular bias or vested interest.

The Episodes of Supplements Revealed

Each episode features different guests to discuss areas of the supplement and health industries that can help consumers make a difference in their daily lives.

The first episode includes Steven Gundry and Jayson Calton. Gundry, who has experience in working with autoimmune disease, will talk about methods of reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s without drugs, eliminating medication, and more. Calton, who has a PhD in Biomedical Science and Human Nutrition, will teach the importance of supplementation and how supplements need to be changed in the current century. Bryan Haycock will also be in the first episode, speaking on topics like the lack of regulation in the supplement industry.

Other episodes will include appearances by:

  • Evan Demarco, a nutrition expert and KD Pharm Group’s director of market development.
  • Ann Shippy, a Functional Medicine Physician in Texas with a PhD in Biomedical Science and Human Nutrition
  • Carlie Stein, Beekeeper’s Naturals founder and CEO
  • Kellyann Petrucci, the Bone Broth Diet creator
  • Shawn Wells, who has been called “the world’s greatest formulator”
  • Tim Skiwiat, Biotrust’s director of Scientific Affairs, as well as MEd, Pn2, CSCS
  • Ben Cote, Neurohacker Collective’s director of Brand & Connectivity
  • Edward Group, a leader in natural health
  • Jane Barlow Christensen, a Master herbalist and the Barlow Herbal owner
  • Robert Craven, MEGA Food’s CEO
  • Trevor Cates, the Spa Dr. founder
  • Chris Shade, the founder of Quicksilver Scientific
  • Greg Horn, a supplement developer and CEO of Specialty Nutrition Consulting
  • Buck Rizvi, the RealDose Nutrition CEO and founder
  • Tina Anderson, Just Thrive Probiotic’s CEO and co-founder
  • Tyler Lebaron, the founder of Molecular Hydrogen Institute
  • Patrick Sullivan Jr., the co-founder and Chief Edutainment Officer of Jigsaw Health
  • Loren Israelsen, the president of the United Natural Products Alliance
  • Trina Felber, the CEO of Primal Organics and a registered nurse
  • Kiran Krishnan, a research microbiologist
  • Jonathan Hunsaker, the Organixx founder
  • Jonathan Lizotte, the founder of Designs for Health Inc.
  • James Lavalle, an expert in integrative medicine
  • Grace Liu, a former pharmacist and current Functional Medicine Practitioner
  • Dr. Anna Cabeca, an OB-GYN
  • Terry Wahls, a former physician of Iowa
  • Ben Greenfield, an expert in fitness and nutrition
  • Tom Aarts, the owner of Nutrition Capital Network

With the details shown to consumers, a discussion with their physician may be necessary to make some changes in how they treat their bodies.

Signing Up for Supplements Revealed

There is no fee at all associated with Supplements Revealed, though consumers are obligated to input their email for registration purposes. The first episode is due for release on February 18th at 9:00 am EST, and it will be followed by eight more episodes. Each of these episodes will only be available for a total of 24 hours before it is replaced with the one after it, which means one episode will be available per day. For those anxious to see what Supplements Revealed movie is all about, watch the 5-minute trailer here:

Supplements Revealed Summary

Supplements Revealed provides the public with details that they may never think to discover on their own. There are many ways that consumers can improve their health conditions and overall wellness with natural solutions, rather than with medications that can become addictive. With experts that reach a variety of areas in the health industry, any patient can feel more confident in their decisions involving the supplements they take.

For more information and to get a virtual seat to watch the first episode of Supplements Revealed documentary, visit today.

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