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Pure Ratios Topical Hemp Patch: 96-Hour Transdermal Pain Relief Therapy



Pure Ratios Topical Hemp Patch: 96-Hour Transdermal Pain Relief Therapy

Pure Ratios are a set of pain-relief patches that eliminate inflammation with the use of hemp extract, treating the body as the extract absorbs into the skin. The patches can be applied anywhere on the body, and only one patch is needed to deliver the relief that consumers need.

What are Pure Ratios Patches?

Pain can be an overwhelming sensation for anyone to endure, and the pharmaceutical industry has created hundreds of different products to help. Medicines like acetaminophen and ibuprofen ease pain and inflammation from within, but long-term use can cause liver damage and other issues in the body. Topical products are usually limited to lotions like Icy Hot, which helps to relieve swelling but can stop after a few hours. The Pure Ratios Transdermal Hemp Patches are an easy way to get pain relief that lasts.

Pure Ratios was developed with a proprietary blend of ingredients that are known for their ability to relieve pain, absorbed through the skin. This patch works for many types of pain, including discomfort in the back, neck, shoulders, needs, and more. It is also helpful in relieving headaches, and it can address pain resulting from arthritis, thanks to the work of pain therapists. According to the creators, this patch is recommended by doctors, trainers, and chiropractors as a solution that includes no drugs but still delivers relief.

Along with the pain-relieving benefits that this product offers, the use of hemp extract allows the formula also to improve the mood, improve energy levels, and eliminate digestive issues.

How Pure Ratios Works

The patch is constructed so the hemp extract, and other ingredients are absorbed through the skin, thanks to transdermal technology. Transdermal technology Allows ingredients to be delivered through the skin, absorbing it into the bloodstream to circulate throughout the body. Patches that deliver medication in this way, like Pure Ratios, keep the ingredients on the patient's skin in a more controlled way than if it were just to be applied as a serum or lotion alone.

The only ingredient listed by name is hemp extract, which is in the same plant family as cannabis. While the plant doesn't have high levels of THC, it is known for having CBD. It is unclear if the patches specifically have CBD, but it is still useful for reducing inflammation, which can be a major trigger for pain. There are some compounds found in the hemp seed that promote better digestion and management of high blood pressure, but the only way to see how this hemp-based patch can help the body is to use it.

Along with hemp, the Pure Ratios patches use:

  • Avocado oil (which is packed with nutrients to promote absorption)
  • Coconut oil (to maintain the skin's moisture)
  • Almond oil (which absorbs quickly and offers vitamin E)
  • Aloe Vera (which helps with healing and topical burns and sores)
  • Shea Olein (which is high in fatty acids)

To learn more about hemp and it's uses, visit this link from WebMD:

To learn more about transdermal patches in general, visit this link by the Food and Drug Administration:

Using Pure Ratios

To get the most out of Pure Ratios, users need to apply the patch properly. Before anything is applied, users must clean the skin with the alcohol swab that is provided with this kit. Any oils, makeup, lotions, or other product on the skin can affect the adhesive. Once the skin is clean, the user can apply this patch on an area with minimal hair near the painful area. The user needs to press firmly on the patch for about 10 to 15 seconds to make sure it stays on.

Users can continue to wear this patch throughout the day, supporting both the user's energy levels and their need for pain relief. It can provide relief for up to 96 hours before being removed or replaced. The adhesive and the patch itself are waterproof, allowing users to keep the pain away and to avoid replacing the patch every time they shower or sweat.

Purchasing a Package of Pure Ratios

Users can choose between three packages – a single patch ($17.99), four patches ($16.99 each), or eight patches ($14.99 each).

The best deal is the largest package, which offers up to 32 days of pain relief and is ideal for individuals that frequently push their muscles during workouts or have chronic pain. Users that just want to see if this product will work for them may want to try one of the smaller orders.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pure Ratios

Q: What does the Pure Ratios patch do?

A: This patch eliminates pain, reduces inflammation, promotes better digestion, and regulates the mood. The patch uses a proprietary blend, which prominently features hemp oil.

Q: How does hemp extract differ from the effects of THC?

A: While both are in the same plant family, THC is more commonly known for the psychoactive effect it gives marijuana. In hemp, users will only get the therapeutic benefits instead, leaving the user with no intoxicated feeling.

Q: How often should the Pure Ratios patch be used?

A: Users should start off by wearing the patch in small increments, starting with a wait time of one or two hours before adding another one. Everyone has a different sensitivity to this extract, even though it is not toxic. Users can wear this patch for up to 96 hours with the same performance.

Q: How do users know if the Pure Ratios patch is effective?

A: If the user is experiencing little or no pain with the use of the patch, it is working. It can impact many various parts of the body, so the creators recommend keeping a journal to log the reaction every 30 minutes that is worn. If the user is not experiencing relief, they can slowly increase the dose.

Q: Where should the patch be placed?

A: The patch can be placed anywhere on the body to provide relief. However, users should follow the directions to make sure that it is applied properly.

Q: Will Pure Ratios force the user to test positive during a drug test?

A: While it is highly unlikely that the user will test positive, users that frequently are tested may want to abstain from using any product that contains hemp extract, whether it is topical or ingested.

Q: Is it possible to overdose on the hemp extract?

A: No. This extract isn't toxic, and it is impossible to overdose.

Pure Ratios Final Thoughts

The Pure Ratios patch allows consumers everywhere to take control of their pain with a product that won't damage their liver or cause their skin to become sensitive, unlike many of the other remedies on the market today. The formula is made with all-natural ingredients, including many with emollients and oils. Though the main ingredient is hemp extract, this formula also infuses the patch with aloe to treat the skin. The patch is easy to wear for up to four days, featuring a waterproof design for individuals that wear it for multiple days.

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