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PhenoPen: High-Grade No-THC Pure CBD Extract Vape Pen Starter Kit?




What Is PhenoPen?

Phenopen presents itself as a high-end CBD Vape device that provides a clean blend of CBD in the market. The Europe-based company is using only 100% natural ingredients, sourced from its accredited suppliers who seek to produce a revolutionary vaping experience for their customers.

The Phenopen device also utilizes 100% pure CBD extracts without any use of artificial or animal extracts. The device also lists no THC, additives or solvents present in their ingredients.

Mabsut Life, the wellness company behind Phenopen, considers its goal to deliver the medicinal values of Cannabis components to their customers through a legal, safe and convenient manner. The team is working towards more innovative products that focus on wellness and application of cannabis components to real-life health improvement.

Getting To Use The PhenoPen Vape Pen

The package comes with two separate devices-the Phenopen and the cartridge. The Phenopen is the battery end that combines with the breath actuator. The end is constructed with a vibration feature to indicate when charging is necessary. With it is a battery capacity of 320 mAh carrying a power output of 8.5 W. Best of all, it only weighs 27 grams making it's quite easy to carry and conceal.

The cartridge is a smooth mouthpiece that the user would connect to the Phenopen. Each cartridge contains 0.5 ML of 100% pure, non-psychoactive CBD extract that would last one week for an average user. Additionally, they are sealed and tamper proof to avoid any impact to the extract.

According to the starter kit, the application would require the user to insert the cartridge into the back-end of the Phenopen. The magnet inside the Phenopen would help keep the cartridge in the right place while vaping. The next step would be to turn the mouthpiece and pull it a bit to activate the Vape pen. With the kit comes a single 52% CBD Cartridge that is a product from MabsutLife Phenopen.

What's Good With Phenopen?

It's pretty undeniable that Phenopen is selling itself a Vape pen for high-end customers. The company utilizes quality raw materials and apparent superb engineering to construct the pen and cartridge. True to word, the pen does feel and look sleek enough to be unrecognizable as a Vape pen. Its length is only 105 mm with the sleeve fully installed during use. Besides, the battery pack is comfortable enough to accommodate fast responsive vaping. Quite the charm if you are looking to vape within a short time.

The cartridge is also smooth and comfortable to use, and you would barely notice if you are vaping. According to Phenopen, the ceramic heating element is intended to protect the extract from the impact. The sealing, therefore, makes it easy to protect the quality and consistency of the CBD extract inside.

Additionally, Phenopen packs quite the ingredients to offer a wide variety of benefits with its vaping experience. With proven medicinal use, Phenopen considers their prescribed 100% CBD Vape pen would offer significant therapeutic benefits like treating epilepsy, natural pain, mental health disorders and even help manage or suppress cancer growth. Phenopen also lists the CBD as scientifically proven to treat anxiety disorders and inflammation.

PhenoPen Conclusion

Although the CBD market competes, Phenopen is trying to stay ahead of the game with its high-end product. However, the price ($99) is quite a turn off considering you would need to keep replacing or refilling the cartridge after every week. You would also want to consider the shipping takes 5-7 days and that would be long if you are only seeking a refill or replacement. Still, Phenopen stands out in its simplicity yet complexity in design and use. Those trying to start their vaping journey would be in an excellent position to use the Vape pen if they can meet the price without having to break their bank.

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