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Papilio Therapeutics: High-Concentration Hemp C60 (Carbon 60) Seed Oil

Luice Syed



Papilio Therapeutics
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For many men and women, the week can is tiring, stressful, and challenging. These issues can take a toll on one’s personal wellness and health. Those who are tired of feeling worn down and who need to find a way to regenerate and to let go of the week may want to consider adding CBD to their lifestyle. Although there are many CBD brands, not all of them are created equal. It is ideal to choose a CBD brand that users can count on to feature the quality they are looking for. With that, this review would like to introduce Papilio Therapeutics.

About Papilio Therapeutics

Papilio Therapeutics is a brand that explains on its website that its products combine “the divinity of nature in perfect harmony with the most innovative technology to date.” The brand aims to “not only heal, but to guide our species through an aeon of metamorphosis to its highest possible potential.” The brand takes a holistic approach to its products and to providing users with the balance, comfort, and energizing systems that they need. Each product is designed to help customers at every stage of their life. Most of the products are categorized into treatment, prevention, and ascension.

Solvent Free High Quality CBD

Finding quality CBD products isn’t easy. There are many different products on the market that fail to meet good standards. In this case, the brand’s formula are described as solvent free. They also include 99.9% C60, which means that the formula is likely a high-quality option that users can count on to provide them with the results they are stirring for. In addition, the CBD is manufactured in the United States out of organic hemp that is sourced from hemp seed oil derived from Australia. With these qualities, users may be able to count on the quality offered by Papilio Therapeutics.


The CBD offered by the brand features C60 molecules. According to the brand, these molecules are known as “free radical scavengers or anti-oxidants” that have the ability to ‘magnetically’ search out and attach themselves to free radicals in the body by donating or sharing an electron with them. Once these damaging free radicals are repaired, they no longer affect the area around them and the body can begin to repair itself.”

Further, the brand explains on its website that its products are safe – carbon is what all life is based on, it is plentiful, and thus, it is not unreasonable to add it to the formulas.

The brand also notes on its website that due to the high concentration of C60 in its products, users need not take a large dose. Rather, the desired effects can be achieved with 1mL per day.

Papilio Therapeutics Summary

Overall, those who are interested in learning more about Papilio Therapeutics CBD may want to consider visiting the brand’s website. The CBD products are high-quality, unique, and potentially effective options that users can be satisfied to add to their lifestyle so that they may experience positive results they are aiming for.

Luice resides in Pune, India and has recently taken up a kinship with freelance writing. For the past few years, he has been working at Springer Nature in the field of Nanobiotechnology. When not analyzing medical literature and scientific research data, Luice enjoys watching and playing football as well as going on a long hike.

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