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LucidMood: Safe THC/CBD Vape Pens and Disposable Terpene Sippers

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LucidMood describes their lines of Vape pens as ‘fun, discreet, convenient, portable and attractive Vape pens that are great for carrying to a concert, movie, meeting, show, cocktail party, or a workout. Its parent company, Chooze, specializes in making products from cannabidiol (CBD).

LucidMood plans to utilize the terpenes for the aromatic experience with their products. The terpenes are components in plants’ essential oils used in aromatherapy. These elements are everywhere, from the flower fragrances to the woodsy smell of a forest.

Products with LucidMood

Unlike most cannabis disposable Vape pens, LucidMood’s ‘sipper’ pens curate the terpenes under a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD. The math behind this is to ensure people don’t overdo it or the occurrence of adverse effects. Each pen is therefore containing 40% THC to create the top and 40% CBD to help dial down the anxiety and tiredness with cannabis. Another 20% is terpenes to develop the desired aromatic feeling.

Currently, you can vape yourself with LucidMood’s Bliss, Focus, Relief, Energy or Relaxation pens to match your experience every time. For example, while working out the ‘Focus’ sipper pen would come in handy in helping you concentrate. The ‘Relief’ pen is excellent after a workout or a long day’s work while ‘Energy’ uplifts your mood. The ‘Bliss’ sipper pen enhances a feeling of well-being and reduces pain.

Lucidmood: Convenient Portable Vape Pen

The first thing you would notice about LucidMood is how small they are about the size of a cigarette. That makes it discreet enough for you to whip them out at a café, party or your workplace.

The fact that LucidMood is from Colorado is also a strong selling point. The team of scientists at the Boulder-based company also works to formulate the perfect THC to CBD combination that gives a subtle high.

We also found out that the trick with LucidMood is to 4 seconds sips instead of long puffs. Short puffs ensure the clove-like flavor is concentrated and the ‘high’ is smooth. Perhaps a much greater advantage with these ‘sipper’ pens is that they are easy to use with no need for chargers or extra accessories. You would only have to take one to your adventure and create the mood you would want. With LucidMood you can select how you want to feel and get your mood with precision and consistency. You also get to create a warm and functional high without the need to worry about the smell or taste of marijuana. LucidMood’s ‘Party Pen’ is an example of such situations.


The LucidMood products are quite fascinating especially in their pioneering use of terpenes. Also, the ability to tailor their product to the user’s experience is quite commendable. And if your pen is spent, you can procure another since the price tag is less expensive than most pens with replacement cartridges. In the ends, if you are just a smoker looking for a product tailored for the mood you want, then you better check the list of LucidMood’s Sippers.


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