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Lidtke CBD Gold: Therapeutic Cannabidiol Oil Tinctures with Infused Ingredients



Lidtke CBD Gold: Therapeutic Cannabidiol Oil Tinctures with Infused Ingredients
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Admit it! With the countless CBD products available in the market, it is quite a challenge to find what suits your need. Fortunately, we have taken ourselves to task to review some of the reputable CBD brands that making a wave in the cannabis scene. At the top of our list is the LIDTKE Company brand that is set out to correct what the CBD manufacturers are getting all wrong with their products. And while LIDTKE maybe a new brand in the CBD scene, they seem to know what they are doing. Here's more on the company.


Lidtke operates as a natural supplement retailer with its brand of CBD oil tinctures that blend synergistic herbal ingredients for both humans and pets. The goal of the functional tinctures is to develop what Lidtke terms as mindful and quality CBD products with powerful formulations but also flavor.

With an intuitive and straightforward website, shopping for Lidtke products is quite easy. Their CBD Gold line of tinctures blends the full-spectrum CBD extract with supplements such as iodine, GABA, 5-HTP, L-tryptophan, and a whole-food complex of the vitamin C component. Besides, the Lidtke brand indicates that their manufacturing process is from non-GMO, herbicide and pesticide-free hemp for those seeking assurance on the possibility of additives.

The Merchandise

Like most CBD brands Lidtke has a line of some very cool products available for sale through their online store. The Lidtke CBD Gold Therapeutic oil tincture comes packed in a range of different formulations, strengths, and sizes to accommodate the consumers' intake needs. The oil dropper is available in 100mg (plain), 250mg (plain), 500mg (plain) and 2500mg (plain/non-GMO) in order to offer different levels of potency to the consumers. The batches are available in 1 FL (30 ml) and 2 FL (60ml) tincture bottles. And in addition to the potency variants, you can opt to pick on the flavor that suits you the most. Lidtke provides their CBD Gold therapeutic oil with the following set of flavors: Ginger, GABA, Cranberry, Peppermint, Plain, L-Tryptophan, Turmeric, Original and Valerian.

For Pets

Since CBD is also finding usefulness in pet conditions, Lidtke has taken the liberty also to provide a line of products meant for your canine and feline friends. The K9 100mg CBD Gold blends CBD, MCT oil and organic hemp-seed oil to deliver the therapeutic benefits to dogs. On the other end, we find CO2 extracted CAT 100mg CBD Gold meant for the feline counterparts. Both these, however, will require a consultation with your veterinarian to avoid any unwarranted situations.

Why LIDTKE has Such a Reputation

Lidtke is already generating a myriad of fans in the CBD community with their products. Their CBD oil tinctures get top marks for their transparency and quality approval-without exaggerating the capabilities. As opposed to other products, Lidtke is mindful of the need for approval and has taken the initiative to provide standard lab tests of their products. The tests are not only for the cannabinoid content but also encompass common contaminants such as heavy metals. That remains a wise move considering not many brands offer such information on their items.

However, we also considered the variety of products available as a win for Lidtke customers. The brand offers different strengths and further caters for even pets. Avid CBD users who have pets are bound to become loyal customers of such a brand that provides to their needs.

Unfortunately, despite the entire rave on what’s positive with Lidtke we also have to consider the downside of the brand. One of them is probably the gimmick-like outlook of the brand's website. The pricing is not available, and this remains a point of concern especially if you want to budget on what best suits you. The prices are only available upon request for order through Lidtke online store.

Lidtke CBD Gold Review Summary

While we take issue with the lack of proper information on pricing and strong customer testimonials, we also do have to consider that there are aspects that make the brand quite reputable in it. If you want value, then Lidtke is what you may be looking for. Their commitment to domestically sourced organic products surpasses efforts by a lot of other brands.

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