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Just CBD Offers Wide Range of Cannabidiol Products; Oils, Edibles, Vapes, Pets, Skincare and Doobies



Just CBD Offers Wide Range of Cannabidiol Products; Oils, Edibles, Vapes, Pets, Skincare and Doobies
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Just CBD has a range of CBD edibles, vape oils, pet treats, skincare products, and tinctures. Over the years, this company has built a reputation through its dedication to change the future of medicine by offering great natural remedies. Just CBD envisions a future where all persons have access to the healing power of CBD, and where everyone has control over body health management, and what they put on their bodies.

Just CBD founders have years of experience in cannabis research, and they claim to have the best formulations that allow customers to experience one of the oldest medicine forms in a convenient modern way without compromising its healing power. On top of their extensive product range, Just CBD stands out due to the high quality they offer. The company uses innovative methods when extracting CBD from hemp to ensure that its entire product range is free from THC and synthesis. The only Just CBD products with THC are their Doobies, which are meant to offer a recreational experience.

All Just CBD products have a detailed certificate of analysis including the cannabinoid and terpene content, as well as any heavy metal traces available. Their products are lab tested for potency, safety, and consistency. Lab results are readily available, and this proves the company’s commitment to transparency.

Just CBD Products

1. Just CBD Hemp/CBD Oils and Tinctures

Just CBD oils and tinctures have been made using pure CBD to give users natural and reliable pain and relief medication. These oils are designed to offer maximum control and can be added to foods, smoothies, and drinks. For best results, add a few drops under your tongue and leave for about 30 seconds to get absorbed and then swallow. For persons in need of more localized relief, Just CBD oils can be added to body cream and applied topically.

Just CBD oils are packed in different CBD concentrations and strengths. Coconut seed oil is added to enhance Just CBD oil absorption to the body.

2. Just CBD Edibles

Edibles are the most extensive range of Just CBD products. There is a mix of traditional choices like gummies and slightly creative ideas such as their honey-sticks. Just CBD gummies have made it to industry-leading magazines multiple times and have gained much popularity due to their wide range of selection and powerful CBD effects.

Just CBD gummies are sold in many flavors, including apple rings, sour bears, and blueberry rings. You can also get seasonal gummies from Just CBD, like the Easter Bunnies for an impeccable sweet taste throughout the year.

Just CBD gummies are sold in jars of different sizes ranging from pocket-size containers to full sweetshop-sized packs. If you prefer sugarless gummies, you can get some from Just CBD’s limited selection.

Just CBD also has a line of healthier products that includes CBD-packed protein bars and CBD—infused dried fruit. The two are ideal alternatives for people intending to cut back on sugar, and just like most edibles; they come in different sizes.

The most exciting edibles by Just CBD are their CBD honey sticks. Each honey stick is packed with 10mg of CBD isolate to offer a pure CBD experience and has a blend of organic honey to make the snack sweet.

3. Just CBD Pet Products

CBD has increasingly become a popular daily supplement for pets. Just CBD has a line of CBD infused pet products meant to maintain the overall physical and mental health of pets. Just CBD pet treats have been made from fine, quality ingredients free of chemicals, and high potency levels are maintained. Dog treat options are liver meatballs, steak, chicken meatballs, and chicken biscuit. Cat treats flavor options are chicken and purr.

Just CBD pet treats help in solving anxiety, inflammation and pain, while maintaining the pet’s general health.

4. Just CBD Skin Care Products

Just CBD’s line of skincare products are useful in daily beauty regime. These include CBD-infused soaps, creams, and roll-ons that work on dry and painful skins, leaving the skin smoother and painless.

Just CBD skin care products are sold in an array of strengths and can be used to target pains and aches without hurting the body’s inner balance. These products are also great at numbing muscle, joint and workout pains.

Just CBD bath bombs are probably one of the most exciting products in the company’s skincare products category. The bath bombs come in 6 fruity fizzling explosions and are a novel way of medicating your whole body when taking a shower.

5. Just CBD Vapes

Just CBD sells a vast range of CBD vape products including vape oils and vape pens. People who don’t intend to invest on more expensive vaporizers can opt for Just CBD’s disposable vape pens which come with CBD vapes in honey, blueberry, and strawberry flavors.

If you already have functional vaping equipment, you then can go for Just CBD’s vape oils and cartridges. Cartridges are sold with full spectrum CBD with a full range of terpenes, while the vape oils are pure isolate CBD. Either options have a variety of strains like Blue dream, pineapple express, and OG Kush.

On the downside, Just CBD cartridges either have USP-Grade Glycerin (Vegetable) or USP-Grade Propylene Glycol as a filler. While the long-term health implications of these two fillers are yet to be well understood, excessive intake is not recommended.

6. Just CBD Isolate and Terpenes

Just CBD sells isolate powder in 1-gram jars to people who wish to blend CBD with their own oils or shakes. Isolate CBD has insignificant THC and terpenes. You can also get a range of Terpenes and fragrant oils from Just CBD. These are extracted from bud’s sticky resin glands and are the compounds responsible for marijuana’s taste and effects. These products are sold in a variety of strains, including White Widow and OG Kush.

Final Thoughts

With the transparency demonstrated by Just CBD on their formulations and product test results, Just CBD is undeniably a company you can trust with your health. Their prices are fair, and they have a wide range of product concentrations and flavors to choose from. We hence find this company’s products worth recommending to both entry-level CBD users and those who have been using CBD for long. Learn more about JustCBD by visiting the official website, here.

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