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Isodiol Pot-O-Coffee K-Cups: Wake N Bake Heneplex-Infused Hemp Blend And Cold Brew



Isodiol Pot-O-Coffee K-Cups

About Isodiol Pot-O-Coffee

Pot-O-Coffee operates as a Cannabis-focused supplement company with a list of beverage products that appeal to coffee ad cannabis lovers. Their selection of products includes THC and CBD infused coffee, all natural green tea products, and rich hot cocoa drinks. Besides, these CBD and THC brews are available in single-serve pods that carry a dose range of 10, 50 and 100mg in each serving.

The product lines also combine the single servings of hot cocoa, coffee or tea in individual K-Cups to make them perfect for the Keurig model of coffee machines. On the side, the THC-Infused products are made from a mix blend of natural cannabis oil while the CBD-infused tea and coffee selections are hemp derived. Also, they are listed as non-GMO, with no pesticides and infused with Pot-O-Coffee Gold Label plus CBD oil.

Isodiol Pot-O-Coffee K-Cups Products

Pot-O-Coffee produces a delicious range of K-Cups products that pack the benefits of Heneplex-the unique blend of CBD-infused coffee. The variety of choice for these favorite K-cups include:

Hazelnut Haze

The Hazelnut Haze K-Cup package is a medium roast Hawaiian Kona blend available for $19.99. Each packaging has 12 k-cups featuring the CBD-infused coffee.

Light It Up

You can experience the Light it up K-cups sourced from Brazilian light-medium roast coffee. Each box will set you back $19.99 for a pack of 12 k-cups.

Light It Up-DECAF

The DECAF package is similar to Light it up package regarding ingredients and price but has an extra feature of the full spectrum hemp complex, Heneplex.

Jamaican Me Crazy

These Jamaican Me Crazy K-Cups are Pot-O-Coffee's answer to enjoying an island paradise feel. Each blend consists of medium roast Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee that is flavored with Kahlua, natural vanilla and caramel.

Wake N Bake

As the name suggests, you can enjoy these K-cups flavors that offer an intense, yet smooth Brazilian coffee blend fused with 100% Arabica Heneplex. Wake n Bake k-cups are available in a 12 set package for $19.99.

Get Roasted

Those looking for a dark roast of the coffee blend can choose this blend of Heneplex fused with coffee having a rich and smoky deep flavor of French vanilla.

Isodiol Pot-O-Coffee Features

Our assessment of Pot-O-Coffee reveals some positive aspects to making the brand one of the leading companies to specialize in such a line of products. Here is what we found commendable with them.

Use Of Quality Extracts

Pot-O-Coffee lists using top quality cannabis and hemp extracts, with most of the CBD infused items listing a full-spectrum version of their ingredient. That is in addition to the Heneplex compound already present from the extraction process.


Perhaps the best selling point remains the prices at which the K-Cups are available. On average, the CBD-infused coffee products are available for a little under $19.99. That makes them one of the cheapest brands in the market considering you get a package full of 12 K-cups.

Variety Of Products

If you are not a fan of the K0cups coffee beverages, you can still opt to pick another line of products from Pot-O-Coffee. There are coffee bags, cold brew coffee, and cold brew kegs to always deliver the much-needed health benefits of the Heneplex and CBD compounds.

Isodiol Pot-O-Coffee K-Cups Conclusion

The Pot-O-Coffee is easily one of the top quality CBD-infused coffee vendors we have come across. Not only is quality assured with them, but the level of potency leaves you feeling relaxed yet focused. We'd happily recommend Pot-O-Coffee as a morning starter and for the cannabis-coffee enthusiasts. The brand brings a new convenient consumption alternative that leaves zero cannabis aftertaste or smell.

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