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Herb Essntls Perfume Oil: Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Infused Fragrance



Herb Essentls’ Perfume Oil

Herb Essentls is a brand that devotes itself to infusing the unique properties of cannabis into skincare essentials. Based in New York City, with its manufacturing processes based in Los Angeles, California, Herb Essentls claims its products to being sustainably-created with equal focus given to humans, animals and the plant. This has supposedly been done with California’s Proposition 65 in mind, as it is an act listing 800 Prop.65 harmful chemicals that cannot be utilized in consumer goods.

While Herb Essentls appears to have considered the quality of a product, how can its effective be measured? This is where the need for further investigation is required. The purpose of this review is to assess Herb Essentls’ Perfume Oil. Some of the factors that will be considered include its intent and ingredients

What Makes Herb Essentls Perfume Oil Unique?

Herb Essentls has infused Cannabis bud into a perfume oil base. Its obvious intent is to help create a pleasant ambiance by setting off a high scent, which then gradually fades into base notes. To have a sense of the overall aroma delivered and its benefits, let’s dive right into its ingredients list.

Herb Essentls Perfume Oil Ingredients

Based on the product description, the perfume is made with Cannabis Sativa seed oil, Patchouli and Dry Amber. The fragrance itself is believed to house D-Limonene from Orange Oil, Benzyl Benzoate and Vitamin E.

First, the use of Cannabis Sativa seed oil is notable here, as it contains essential nutrients that the human body cannot create. Given that the perfume is designed in a roll-on manner, its contents can contribute to one’s skin health.

Second, we have Patchouli, which comes from the mint family. As per the claims made, the mint-like plant emits a rich and earthy aroma and has been associated with bringing aid to dry, cracked and oily skin types to name a few.

Next, the use of Amber has been deemed ideal to pair with Patchouli because of its earthy fragrance. What sets it apart from the latter is that it also carries a rich and honey-like aroma to offset too much of the leafy feel.

As for the supposed citrus-like aroma emitted by Herb Essentls’ Perfume Oil, D-Limonene is responsible, as it is a chemical commonly found in the peels of various citrus fruits. We also have Benzyl Benzoate, which has been described as carrying a balsamic odor and finally, the use of Vitamin E seems to be help balance the earthy and citrus-like aromas to prevent confusion.

Herb Essentls Perfume Oil Final Thoughts

Overall, Herb Essentls’ Perfume Oil is definitely unique considering its use of cannabis properties along with naturally-found essential oils for fragrance. Because of the mix of earthy and citrus-like components, the perfume is considered unisex, which is one of Herb Essentls’ goals to begin with. Given the fact that cannabis has been infused, its aroma might come out strong at first, but will fade over time to ensure consumers attain a sense of balance.

Last but not least, the Perfume Oil can be regarded as a dual-purpose product because of ingredients like Patchouli and Vitamin E – both of which help in bringing relief to skin conditions and of course, its original intent of releasing pleasant fragrances. To learn more, go to:

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