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Hempzilla CBD: Organic Hemp Lotions, Gels, Gummies and Pet Products?



Hempzilla CBD

By now you may have realized that CBD is one of the leading cannabis products in the USA. They come in all shapes and sizes nowadays, from oils, tinctures, soaps, pet products, gummies, waxes, and Vape juices. And when the competition I heated up, you know there is bound to be different products in the market.

So we thought we'd try and give you headway on some of the products in the CBD world by checking out one of the manufacturers. Today we get to focus on the difference between hemp and CBD, then move on to what Hempzilla makes concerning the topic.


Hempzilla is a line of CBD and hemp products including gummies, shots, Vape oils, CBD wax, tinctures, pet CBD, and raw oral syringes. What's the difference? Well, before you choose on what you would want it’s wise to understand how hemp and CBD differ.

At times manufacturers will indicate a full-spectrum CBD product, and you are left wondering what it means. A full-spectrum is different to a CBD isolate. For the former, it says that the CBD product is made up of a variety of cannabinoids from hemp or cannabis plant. Any isolate CBD is made from the CBD cannabinoid only.

The Hempzilla Shop

CBD Lotion

With a CBD lotion, Hempzilla recognizes a pretty standard product that many people seem to like. The Hempzilla CBD lotion lists its ingredients as hemp oil, lavender extract, and aloe. Additionally, it indicates that the components are made up of 2mg of natural full spectrum CBD. We discovered its minimal compared to the overall size of the bottle- 200mg. And the price will set you back $47 per bottle of the lavender scented lotion.

CBD Tinctures

Unsurprisingly, Hempzilla Hemp Products offers another option in CBD tinctures that let you choose the strength level you want. The smallest tincture bottle costs $13 while the highest is almost $170. The CBD tincture also features flavors: orange and strawberry lemonade. So far, Hempzilla indicates the CBD tincture only contains hemp seed oil, coconut oil, CBD hemp oil, stevia extracts, and natural essential oils. Each size of the tincture can serve 25 drops in one dropper.

CBD Shot

The Hempzilla CBD Shot are not syringes with needles as most would presume. It's a liquid shot that people would drink directly from the tube. The CBD Shot comprises an 18ml blend of CBD, Heneplex anhydrous Hemp oil, L0Theanine, and other flavors. Hempzilla describes the CBD Shot as a non-GMO, gluten-free product that is free from herbicides, pesticides, or insecticides.

Hempzilla CBD Gummies

Gummies are a favorite with the CBD community, and Hempzilla has its line of gummies that have extra ingredients. The Hempzilla gummies- no flavor and sour- list corn syrup, sugar, modified corn starch among others as the main ingredients in both their strengths. A bag of 6 packs (30mg CBD) will cost you $9.99.

Other products

The Hempzilla product shop has quite the inventory regarding CBD-based items. While we didn't get to try out all of them we do have to mention some of the products you can also get to order. There exist a line of CBD Vape juices with Hempzilla proprietary blend CBD, CBD Vape cartridges, Zilla pods, CBD Wax, Hempzilla topical(CBD lotions, Muscle gel, tattoo recovery maintenance CBD cream) and CBD for pets.

Hempzilla CBD review

Products from Hempzilla are undoubtedly one you can take advantage of and enjoy the benefits. Most contain the proper ingredients and seem to be using reliable CBD-based extracts in their items. The availability of different categories of products also makes administration more convenient and very easy. This is something you ought to take into account if you plan to stick with one CBD company in the long run.

Hempzilla Verdict

It is important there isn't plenty of customer reviews to justify Hempzilla’s products. However, if you are unsure if Hempzilla can work for you, there is the option to check their trial products. The products are not free, but slightly cheaper and smaller versions of the real versions. You can order any of them through their website or visit their in-store locations and learn more on what they have to offer.

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