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Hempvana Rocket: Electric TENS Pain Relief Pen with CBD Cream?

Denis Mariti



Hempvana Rocket: Electric TENS Pain Relief Pen with CBD Cream?
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Hempvana Rocket TENS Pain Relief is a powerful and compact drug-free therapeutic TENS pen, suitable for use on the shoulders, legs, neck, arms, waist, and back to release body and muscle tension and aches. It’s a therapeutic device that that is made by the popular Hempvana CBD pain relief cream, and employs transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation therapy that relieves users of muscular pains and aches. With a rocket-like pen shape and user-friendly design, this compact wireless design is the same size as a dry-erase marker, so it can be easily carried around for use when you need it most.

How to Use the Hempvana Rocket Massager

Using the Hempvana rocket TENS massager is simple, fun, and easy.

Decide which of the three included switchable heads that will be right for you. Choose the flatter head for more significant body areas, single-precision head for targeted areas, or double pulsing heads for customized areas, and then connect it at the top of your Hempvana rocket device.

Turn on your Hempvana rocket massager and then choose the right massage intensity level.

Apply the device’s head to your target body area. Gently hold the Hempvana rocket’s head against your painful or sore muscle and you’re relieved from the aches and pains.

Once you’re satisfied with the massage quality, turn off the device and store it safely for later use.

Features of Hempvana Rocket

The Hempvana rocket combines multiple features to deliver smooth and efficient performance. Listed here are its core features and benefits:

  • High power battery: the Hempvana Rocket TENS wireless device uses a battery to release gentle electric currents. The battery lasts for several hours, so you can carry it along to use it in your office, at home, or wherever you go. The Hempvana Rocket is battery-operated and requires only one 1.5V AA battery (not included).
  • Instant performance: using this TENS gadget to relieve your body of aches and pains offers instant results. You will start realizing that the pain and aches are fading within minutes after you apply it to the painful areas of your body.
  • LED display: the device includes a user-friendly LED display on its shaft that gives information about the selected intensity level. The red LED light has a lasting life of up to 100,000 hours, which is quite impressive.
  • Adjustable massage levels: You can adjust this gadget to 9 different massage levels for a more customized user experience.
  • Additional accessories: When you buy this high-end gadget, you will get additional accessories, including a pulse indicator, 3 unique heads with the body, and an electric tens pen.

Hempvana Rocket Benefits

So many reasons have made people love and buy this portable wireless massage gadget. Below are the main benefits:

Relieves multiple body parts:

The Hempvana rocket can therapeutically relieve pain in all parts of your body. It offers the flexibility of reaching even the hardest of areas other massage devices or techniques can’t reach.

Instant results:

Results are felt almost instantly, letting you live an active lifestyle.

Highly customizable and user-friendly:

The Hempvana rocket unit comes with nine intensity levels coupled with three head types. These allow you to customize the massage experience to your unique needs. The unit also has a user-friendly design, so you need no training to exploit the many features and benefits of this awesome massage device.

Portable and drug-free:

The unit has a compact and lightweight design. You can store it in your handbag or backpack to move around with it for instant use when the need arises.

Highly effective:

Consumers are looking for value for money every time they shop for various products, both online and offline. It wouldn’t make any sense to buy a product that won’t offer you value. The best thing about the Hempvana Rocket TENS massaging device is its ability to use the TENS technology to improve and release your endorphins, simulating instant pain relief. The fact that it runs on a proven pain-relief technology makes it incredibly useful and reliable.

Delivers visible pulsing switch:

The best thing about the is that you’re able to see and feel it working. It’s amazing how you can watch as the device massages the source of the aches and sore muscles on areas of the body to relieve your pains.

Purchase the Hemvana Rocket TENS

For consumers who would like to purchase the Hempvana Rocket TENS Pen, the website is offering customers a special buy of a free jar of the popular Hempvana CBD Pain cream. Offers are as follows:

  • Hempvana Rocket TENS 2 Pack – Hempvana Rocket TENS Pens- for an additional $19.99 fee and receive a  FREE Flat Head + FREE Point Head + Hempvana Pain Cream for the cost of $19.99, Total cost – $39.98  with free shipping included
  • Hempvana Rocket TENS 1 unit – $19.99 with Shipping of $7.99 Total – $27.98

To contact the company consumers can do so by phone or email at:

  • Call: 1-800-592-1570
  • Email:

Hempvana Rocket Conclusion

The makers of the popular Hempvana CBD Pain Relief Cream have now introduced a portable TENS pen that consumers can easily take with them anywhere they go. If you’re searching for a safe and effective massage device for your everyday use, you cannot go wrong with the Hempvana rocket device. It stands out in features, performance, portability, and reliability.

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