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Dose of Nature CBD: Legit Cannabidiol Products with Quality Control Measures?



Dose of Nature CBD: Legit Cannabidiol Products with Quality Control Measures?

Since many states in the United States have legalized cannabis, CBD brands have popped up to tap into the growing market for the remedy. All these different companies are now seeking to have a stake at the CBD craze.

Dose of Nature is a CBD brand with such a goal. On their website, the company has made it possible to purchase some of their stellar CBD products on offer. It is also interesting that the company claims patent to advanced procedures that we will get to explore later on. But first, we get down to exploring precisely what are the products on offer.

Dose of Nature CBD Offered Product Line


Dose of Nature provides a line of Nano-Amplified products to suit each user’s condition. The Nano-Amplified features mean they are the brand’s most bio-available products which can be efficiently absorbed into the bloodstream than the regular CBD particles.

The products include a Chronic Pain solution, Hydrosome Vitamin C, Nano Cellworks, Nano Eye Health, and a Nano-Immuno Nutrients package. You can also find a Nano prostate works solution, nanosilver strap, and a Nano zeolite tincture.

CBD Nectars

This category comprises of clinical grade CBD extracts products that have been refined and dewaxed into CBD concentrates of almost 60% CBD. The concentrations come in packages of 500mg, 1250mg and 2500mg. All these are labeled as RedStrap CBD and are made from industrial hemp plants grown in European countries.

CBD Oil Tincture

The RedStrap CBD oil tinctures can act as daily remedies for particular needs or can be doubled to serve as a dietary supplement. Their tincture line is made from 100% organic hemp seed oil that combines with a full entourage of the RedStrap CBD Oil. The combination is available in hemp extract concentrations of 500mg, 1250mg, and 2500mg.

Also available are tincture concentrations that come bearing different flavors to spice things up. Some of the flavors on offer include organic roast beef and organic roast chicken. Both characters are further available on sale in ranges of 500mg, 1250mg, and 2500mg respectively.

CBD Topicals

Dose Of Nature also provides CBD Oil topicals that include lotions, creams, and gels infused with the therapeutic hemp compound. These CBD-infused topical products offer the therapeutic benefit of pain relief. The items on sale include the FreeStyle Transparent Pain Gel, Pain Relief Cream, and the RedStrap Clinical Grade Pain Relief cream. The RedStrap Pain relief brand is available in hemp extract concentrations of 250mg, and 500mg.

CBD Water Soluble

CBD Water Soluble products are another category line of bio-available CBD items available from Dose of Nature. The website lists these products as having water-soluble CBD that ensures the body full absorbs the non-psychoactive compound.

A review of the product list reveals the hemp nectar tincture, a Nano CBD Shooter, Peach Iced Tea Shooter, a Raspberry Lemonade shooter, and the Strawberry KIWI shooter. There is also a Watermelon Punch flavor available among the CBD Shooter brand from Dose of Nature.

Other Products

The CBD edibles are available as CBD Gummies and the RedStrap Hemp Extract Gummies package. The RedStrap Yummy Gummies are available in five fruit flavors but with the same content of 40mg of full-spectrum CBD extract that pack 40 mg in each gummy. Each bag has ten gummies.

What’s Good

  • Proprietary technology

    The BioPulse Nano Technology offers an advanced cellular hydration process which emphasizes the bioavailability of the CBD nutrients.

    Among the proprietary technologies, there is also the BioXTrax process which allows for the sustainability of CBD extracts in pure form from the raw plant materials to the product concentrates.

    BioPulse Hydropod and Liposomes technologies are further present to facilitate extreme bioavailability and rapid nutrient delivery. Overall, this makes the line of products have a unique blend of CBD extracts.

  • Wide range of products

    Another good thing with Dose of Nature is that the brand has taken to accommodate all customers by ensuring they have different types of CBD and hemp products. Their inventory is not small as items are available, ranging from CBD balms, oils, ointments, solutions, and tinctures for all available for different CBD intake styles. There are even CBD pet products available

Top Concerns

  • No backup evidence

    On the flip side, we still are not content with the amount of information that is lacking on Dose of Nature. The people in charge or founders are yet unknown, and there is no sufficient contact information on them.

    The CBD products on sale also lack proper details on the background process of manufacturing them. Questions such as the type of hemp used, hemp source, and quality are some of the aspects that need answers.

  • No brand data

    The missing information on the contents of each CBD products is also a point of concern for us. Remember that Dose of Nature is a health and wellness company which makes it mandatory to provide quality assurance on their items. For instance, the lack of certified lab tests and case studies makes questions linger on whether their CBD products are safe for consumption.


The question of whether or not to purchase some of Dose of Nature’s products is still up for contention. On one side, the cutting edge technologies are quite impressive, and this makes it a top choice.

Unfortunately, the missing links in their company and product information make it a suspicious case at the moment. And as per the personal opinion, this is a brand that I would not recommend.

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