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Divine Ease CBD: Legit Organic Hemp CBD Isolate Tincture to Use?



Divine Ease CBD: Legit Organic Hemp CBD Isolate Tincture to Use?

The presence of CBD has exploded in recent times, as every day seems to bring an innovative CBD infusion. Currently, the market houses an array of products ranging from bath bombs and face creams to pain relief solutions and pet products. However, the dominating category remains CBD oils, as it is convenient, simple, and deemed an effective delivery method.

On that note, this review will introduce a relatively new product in the market offered by Divine Ease CBD, with emphasis placed on the product's purpose, claims made, and whether or not they have been supported.

What is Divine Ease CBD?

The Divine Ease CBD Oil is proclaimed as a pharmacist-formulated hemp CBD isolate that aims to relieve anxiety and stress, rid one of chronic aches and pain, manage mood and sleep patterns and boost one's cognitive health.

Divine Ease CBD Features

The Quality of Oil

Based on the claims made, consumers are told that the CBD used is derived from organic, U.S.-harvested hemp. Additionally, it has been disclosed that the products underwent lab-testing for quality assurance. As for the presence of CBD, each 30ml bottle contains 300mg, which is deemed “Maximum Strength.”

The Process

The extraction procedures used in creating the Divine Ease CBD Oil supposedly entails cold-pressed oil and CO2 extractions.

Free Trial

The Divine Ease CBD Oil is currently being offered as a 14-day free trial. This approach has been highly used within the industry to increase consumer trust in the product itself.

As per the claims made, the only fee charged is that of shipping, and consumers will receive one month's supply for the duration of the trial. If the product satisfies one's needs, then consumers can choose to continue their subscription plan, which they are automatically signed up for upon agreeing to the free trial offer.

Divine Ease CBD Summary

There appears to be a lot of uncertainty with the Divine Ease CBD Oil. For starters, the product is deemed “lab-tested” and “pharmacist-formulated.” However, no evidence has been displayed (i.e., Certificate of Analysis, a breakdown of the components tested, etc.).

Next, 300mg/30ml comes out to about 10mg per serving, which is not the maximum strength offered in the market. It is relatively below the average concentration commonly witnessed. Third, the CBD extraction is said to include both CO2 and cold-press extractions. The problem here is that it is rare to have both extraction processes used, as each one serves a unique role different from the other.

Finally, with the free trial, consumers are sure to wander into the Terms and Conditions section, but Divine Ease CBD has not made that option available, which makes their overall legitimacy quite questionable. Many users caught in this scam say they couldn’t get through to the company to cancel the subscription. There’s no usable link on the selling website, or an email thread to get out of the contract, or they received no response from the company after multiple attempts. Some of these scams will even give you a 30-day cancellation timeframe — which of course is well past the free trial period. So you still end up having to pay $70 or $90, or more. To learn more about Divine Ease CBD, visit their website today.

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