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The Clear: CBD Company News and Product Review Updates

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The Clear: CBD Vape Concentrates Original Distilled Cannabis Products

The Clear

The Clear™ is one of the fewest cannabis concentrate companies that has the bragging rights for creating the “first-evers”. For instance, The Clear™ is deemed the first and original distilled cannabis product to date with consumers calling it the “best and purest”.

This designation led to the brand’s overall expansion, which now includes vapes and dabbing concentrates. In order to stand out, the firm focused on housing organic and kosher components only, not to forget their purification processes and their goal in elevating the plant’s natural flavor and aroma.

From creating the first distillate and establishing a trademark for its respective brand to being referenced in a book and serving to consumers in different states, The Clear™ continues to do more.

The Clear Line of Products

There are four categories consumers can choose from, all of which are interconnected in one way or another. Here’s a brief summary of what each category means:

The Clear Carts

The Clear™ Carts is their respective line of cartridges. What makes theirs unique compared to competition is the use of C-Cell technology. This respective technology allegedly results in a ceramic-based cartridge with a metallic coil spinning in the center of the basin.

Such a result is trusted to produce evenly distributed draws each delivering the plant’s preserved taste and medicinal benefits. Consumers can choose between the Classic (starting potency of 65% THC mixed with MCT oil) or Elite Cartridges (80% plus of THC).

The Clear Honey Buckets

What puts the Clear™ on the map is their Honey Buckets, something that is rarely witnessed within the cannabis market. According to the claims made, it can be dabbed, vaped, topically used or cooked up without any loss to the THC content. There are 17 different flavors to choose from. Consumers can also retort to Clear Syringes for delivery purposes.

The Clear CBD

Of the four lines, that devoted to CBD is a recent addition. The reason for introducing this line was deemed natural, especially how its daily use seems to have positively improved the lives of many. While the team straight up acknowledges that they can’t make health benefits, they’ve decided if its inclusion reflects the acceptance of different perspectives, so be it. Here, seven flavors have been created with 220mg of CBD delivered per vape.

The Clear Final Thoughts

Overall, it is evident that the Clear™ is fully aware of the benefits of the cannabis plant to the cannabinoid while ensuring that they are also updated on regulatory matters. For instance, with their CBD line, they’ve made no health claims, unlike most brands that do, and this is definitely praiseworthy given that the FDA has yet to confirm CBD’s health effects.

As for the entirety of the brand, Clear™ appears to not only focus on variety – which seems to be the key focus for most – but also ensuring that consumers with different needs in mind have clean, pure and wholesome options to choose from.

An important note to be made here is that despite the positive intentions behind cannabis firms, consumers should always do additional research to ensure their health in the long-term is not negatively impacted. To learn more about the Clear™ approach, dig a little deeper right here.

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