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Standard Dose: CBD Company News and Product Review Updates

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Standard Dose: CBD And MCT Tincture, Hemp Honey, Pain Reliever, Skin Serum

Standard Dose

Taking care of one’s health and wellness is one of the most important things that a person can do for their wellbeing. Though there are many different methods that men and women can implement into their lifestyle, a popular option as of late is cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is recognized for its therapeutic benefits and while there are many different types of products and brands available, it is imperative to find one that users can rely on. With that, this review would like to introduce Standard Dose.

About Standard Dose

Standard Dose is a CBD brand that is “committed to elevating wellness by harnessing the natural benefits of CBD.”  As the brand explains, it believes in “fostering an open conversation about CBD and its benefits to our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.”

As the brand's further explains, “At Standard Dose, we believe plants have the transformative power to heal, energize, and nourish, and that living well means making a conscious shift in our thinking, habits, and daily rituals. We’re committed to elevating wellness through a curated selection of carefully vetted plant-based products, and place daily emphasis on transparency, education, and experience.”

A Transparent Brand

There are numerous qualities to look at when choosing a brand, but perhaps one of the most vital is the level of transparency that it offers. Transparency ensures that users can have all of the information that they need to make an informed decision about the products that they are using. The good news is that Standard Dose provides users with all of the information that they need to make the right decision. The brand promotes fostering an open discussion about CBD, its qualities, and the products that it offers so that users can find what they are looking for.

Lab Testing

Standard Dose implements a third-party testing process for its products. Generally, third party lab testing can provide information on the content and composition of a product. The brand's FAQ page features information on lab testing, which indicates, “All products featured on Standard Dose have been tested by the manufacturers through third party labs, and test results have been verified by said labs and the Standard Dose team. To further ensure quality of formulas, Standard Dose is in the process of conducting secondary lab tests for products featured on the platform.”

Though the tests do not seem to be available on the website, users may be able to take a look at the tests by reaching out to the brand and requesting them. By being aware of the testing and the results, users can ensure that they are opting for products that meet standards that will benefit one’s wellness and health.

Under 0.3% THC

The brand’s products also feature 0.3% or less THC. This is the legal limit and the standard dose that most products include in their formulas. Keep in mind that there are brands out there that do not have any THC in their formulas. As the brand's website explains, “Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), one of the cannabis plant’s most predominant cannabinoids alongside CBD and marijuana’s primary cannabinoid, may be present in products at the legal amount of 0.3% or less. Each product on Standard Dose states the amount of THC found in its formula, allowing you to shop and consume confidently.”


Standard Dose also uses MCT oil in its formula. MCT oil, also known as medium chain triglycerides, are medium-chain fatty acids derived from coconut oil. The MCT oil is highly concentrated and when used in combination with CBD products, it has the ability to promote absorbability and to ensure that the product can be as effective as possible. Better yet, those who are concerned are any color or taste from the MCT oil need not be – the substance does not impact the product in any way, other than possibly improving its absorption qualities.

Standard Dose Products

There are a number of products offered by Standard Dose. The products come in the form of tinctures, edibles, and topical applications. The formulas are unique and ones that users can feel excited about adding to their lifestyle. Here are a few of the many products so that users have a sense of where to start:

Strawberry Lavender Sparkling Water CBD Drink

As the product description explains, the beverage is “A crisp combination of strawberry, lavender, and 10mg of CBD isolate, this sparkling water is designed to help you refresh and unwind.”
The beverage features natural flavors, such as strawberry and lavender. A few of the main ingredients in the formula include: Carbonated water, natural flavors, 10mg cannabidiol (CBD) from organic hemp.

Poti Hemp Infused Raw Honey

This raw and unrefined honey is derived from natural wildflower. It features CBD and provides users with a soothing effect. The honey is also combined with ayurvedic elements to provide users with a calming and healing effect. The honey is sweet, delicious, natural, and a prime addition to one’s lifestyle.

CBD Natural Pain Reliever

This topical formula is made out of organic shea butter and CBD isolate. The formula is a soothing option that may work well to provide users with the relief that they are hoping for.

These are just a few products offered by the brand. There are a number of other options that users can browse through when visiting the brand’s website. Many of the products are made with quality ingredients that are specifically chosen due to their positive effects. Keep in mind that as with any CBD product, there are no guarantees and products work differently for everyone.

Standard Dose Summary

Overall, those who are looking for CBD products and who want to learn more about Standard Dose can do so through the brand's website.

Standard Dose: CBD Product Updates

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Standard Dose: CBD Company News Updates

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