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Reward Botanicals: CBD Company News and Product Review Updates

Reward Botanicals: Are Reward CBD Oil Products Safe With Pure Cannabidiol Extract?

Reward Botanicals

When it comes to the ingestion of cannabidiol (CBD), there exists a misconception that it is superior on its own. The reason this is so is because CBD is known for a wide range of properties, including anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antifungal, antibacterial, anti-psychoactive, anti-seizure and it is filled with a rich source of antioxidants. Many CBD brands argue that the best way to strengthen a CBD solution is by incorporating natural ingredients that carry intertwining properties. This is where Reward Botanicals comes into play.

Reward Botanicals is among the brands that believe bringing together ingredients with common features is surely to better one’s ability to heal. With the intention of showcasing the different plants that bring relief, Reward Botanicals claims to offer a wide range of essentials for both humans and pets. The following review will look closely at how Reward Botanicals has incorporated their mission into their products presented.

What Is Reward Botanicals?

Reward Botanicals aims to prove to consumers that there are natural alternatives to over-the-counter and prescription drugs. The said natural alternatives come in the form of plants, namely hemp-derived CBD and full spectrum of the cannabis sativa plant.

Their approach in creating each and every solution appears to be the industry standard, i.e. retorting to U.S farms because of the multiple safety measures applied, CO2 extraction method and the infusion of MCT oil for optimal bioavailability. Remarkably, Reward Botanicals’ significant facet is their infusion of CBD, full spectrum and other ingredients such as turmeric, clove, rosemary, black pepper, cumin, etc.

Reward Botanicals Products

Reward Botanicals has created different CBD-dominant and full spectrum-focused essentials of varying strengths. In particular, consumers can choose between full and broad-spectrum oils, hemp oils, equine formulas, pain creams and roll-ons. As for pets, a full spectrum pet oil has since been accessible. Given that Reward Botanicals seems to specialize in diverse oils than anything else, here’s a breakdown of each type:

Full Spectrum Oil (300mg, 600mg, 1000mg, 2000mg, 3000mg)

When an oil is deemed “full spectrum”, this implies that the solution contains components from the entire plant. Some of these components typically include CBD, CBN, CBC, CBG, flavonoids, essential fats, terpenes and some traces of THC. THC is a mind-altering property; however, it has been confirmed to be safe if its concentration is less than 0.03%.

Broad Spectrum Oil (900mg)

While full spectrum includes every inch of detail found within a plant, broad spectrum is closely related but not entirely. In particular, it contains everything from a plant except for THC. What makes Reward Botanicals’ broad-spectrum oil that much more attractive is that they’ve achieved a strength level of 900mg. In addition, the inclusion of essential oils makes the solution all the more potent and desirable in taste.

Full Spectrum Equine Formula (4000mg)

This respective type of oil is simply a full spectrum designed for equine animals. More specifically, the solution has been tailored to bring relief to horses, zebras, donkeys and other related animals. The key difference between the Equine formula and that of the Pets oil is that the latter is suitable for smaller pets like cats and dogs.

As for the topicals, they come in a cream and roll-on delivery method with strengths ranging between 200 and 500mg. In addition to the broad spectrum containing essential oils, the topicals are believed to house them as well because of the direct contact they have with the skin. Hence, said topicals are typically made with a dual-purposes (i.e. pain relief and enhanced skin health).

Why Choose Reward Botanicals?

Based on the analysis above, what sets Reward Botanicals apart from the rest is their thought process. While oils and topicals are quite common, the extra step taken here shows Reward Botanicals’ interest in serving the broad population.

As consumers dwell on CBD and its likes, each and every individual is surely to hold some strong opinion on many of its aspects. For some, a full spectrum is preferred, while others would rather stick to pure CBD due to its lack of THC. However, Reward Botanicals sets the bar high by offering a broad-spectrum oil, which shows their yearning for an entourage effect for concerned consumers. Who can forget the different strength levels that has since been achieved, with 4000mg being the highest to date!

When it comes to animals, the industry standard is to stick to dogs, cats and possibly birds, however, Reward Botanicals also carries a solution suitable for equine animals. This reflects their knowledge of the endocannabinoid systems of all species!

Finally, to ensure that consumers are confident with their purchases, Reward Botanicals has made some of their lab reports available. For the most part, the completed tests focus primarily on the types of cannabinoids present. While this is great knowledge, it would have been beneficial to confirm that the use of pesticides was avoided altogether.

Reward Botanicals: CBD Product Updates

  • Full Spectrum Oil (300mg, 600mg, 1000mg, 2000mg, 3000mg)
  • 900 MG Broad Spectrum Oil with added Essential Oils
  • 2500 MG Concentrated Hemp Oil Isolate 0% THC
  • 300 MG Full Spectrum Pet Oil
  • 4000 MG Full Spectrum Equine Formula
  • Pain Cream (200mg, 400mg)
  • 500 MG Roll on Pain Relief
  • 600 mg Gummies

Reward Botanicals: CBD Company News Updates

  • Location: Multiple Retail Locations in the US
  • Online Web Support: No
  • Official Website:
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