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NanoCraft CBD Oil: CBD Company News and Product Review Updates

NanoCraft CBD Oil: Cannabidiol Drops, Pain Salves, Softgels and Supplements


Cannabinol (CBD) is a component derived from hemp. To date, it has been known to help with epilepsy, anxiety and any other physical discomfort to name a few. The CBD market has witnessed a wide range of products making an entrance including oils, vapes, bath bombs, pet related nutrition and so on, but what’s unique this time around is the infusion of CBD and fitness. This is where NanoCraft CBD makes the grand entrance.

NanoCraft proclaims itself as a CBD-oriented firm that exists to educate consumers on the benefits of hemp extracts while ensuring that said consumers experience them as well. To see how the combination of CBD and health and fitness work together, this respective review will provide a complete breakdown on NanoCraft in terms of its purpose, products offered, and its overall affordability.

What Is NanoCraft?

NanoCraft CBD is the coming together of two long-time friends who share one thing in common: health and wellbeing. This being said, the duo decided to partner up to come up with ways to infuse CBD into fitness and health-related supplements.

This is definitely innovative and natural at the same time considering CBD’s ability to heal physical pains and hence serve as a potential post-workout. As for the foundation of the firm, it seems to revolve around science, quality and overall performance. To see how these three factors have been maximized, let’s take a quick look at the products offered.

NanoCraft Products

Currently, NanoCraft offers CBD-infused Softgels, Drops, Pain Sticks, Supplements and Water. Here’s an in-depth analysis of each product respectively:


The soft gels offered are oil-based and each contain 25mg of CBD, CBG and CBN. CBG also referred to as cannabigerol, is known for its ability to prevent bacterial formation, and potentially reduce inflammation.

Then there’s CBN, or cannabinoid, which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties as well along with its ability to induce pain relief and promote sleep. The trio is believed to work together to bring ideal results. While it is unclear what exactly the purpose of the CBD-infused soft gels is, based on the properties, it seems like it can be used as a post-workout (i.e. pain relief and better sleep). For a total of 30 servings, consumers can expect to invest approximately $215.

nanocraftcbd softgel capsules


Softgels Prices
25mg Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Softgel Capsules $79.99
25mg Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Softgel Capsules with Curcumin $84.99
25mg Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Softgel Capsules with Melatonin $84.99


The drops come with different purposes. For instance, if consumers need a boost in the day, then the Day formulas can come in handy as a pre-workout so to speak. Similarly, Night formulas are also available to ensure one is fully rested. The Day formula includes a significant amount of CBD (i.e. 10mg per serving), mint and cacao for flavor, organic coffee and vitamin B-12, which NanoCraft believes is essential for increased productivity levels. To promote peaceful sleep, the Night formula supposedly contains lavender and melatonin with 10mg of CBD per serving. Both cost approximately $59.99 each.
nanocraftcbd drops


CBD Oil Drops Prices
CBD Oil Day Formula $59.99
CBD Oil Night Formula $59.99
CBD Oil Pure Formula $69.99
1000mg CBD Oil Drops – Gold Series Tincture $79.99
2000mg CBD Oil Drops – Gold Series Tincture $128.99
3000mg CBD Oil Drops – Gold Series Tincture $199.99
Day & Night Formula CBD Drops – Combo Pack $120.00

Pain Salves

Pain Salves were created with the intention of reducing post-workout soreness, which are caused by tearing of muscle tissues. As per the claims made, CBD has the potential to reduce recovery time, while ridding the body of inflammation caused by exercising. In addition to the 500mg of CBD present (a 100mg strength is also available), essential oils have also been included to maximize pain relief. This pain salve has been recommended for arthritis, tendinitis, joint, muscle and back pain and much more. The current going price is about $54.99.

nanocraftcbd pain sticks


Pain Sticks Prices
250mg Broad Spectrum CBD Salve Pain Stick – Roll On $59.99
500mg Extra Strength Broad Spectrum CBD Salve Pain Stick – Roll on $39.99


The supplements category is still in its infancy stages as NanoCraft currently only offers its CBD Superfood Green Powder– with its BCAAs coming in the near future. As for the CBD Superfood Green Powder, it has been created with the intention of delivering essential nutrients, phytonutrients and antioxidants.

Given that most fitness fanatics have to be careful with their diet, this can be a helpful addition. Based on the product description, it looks like alkalizing green juice powders, probiotics, enzymes and stress harmonizing adaptogens have also been incorporated for full body nutrition. The CBD content found per serving is approximately 25mg and this supplement is offered at approximately $74.99.

nanocraftcbd supplements


Supplements Prices
CBD Superfood Green Powder $69.99
Broad Spectrum CBD Energy+Recovery Powder $69.99


nanocraft waters


Waters Prices
Craft H20 CBD Energy Water Black Cherry 12 pack $49.99
Craft H20 CBD Energy Water Cucumber Kiwi 12 pack $49.99

Is NanoCraft Affordable?

In terms of NanoCraft’s affordability, one might argue that compared to traditional supplements, NanoCraft is higher in prices, but considering the several factors that exist, they are actually reasonably priced.

First, all of the products claim to be supported by science, which is validating considering the many unregistered CBD products that are still lurking the internet. Second, the source of CBD used has supposedly been tested and is said to contain no sources of pesticides, solvents, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. It would have been nice to see actual lab results; however, this is not always a requirement. Lastly, each product contains much more than CBD, which makes up in the cost of the product.

NanoCraft Final Thoughts

NanoCraft appears to be a brand worth giving a shot, considering the amount of time they spent in coming up with fitness solutions revolving around the properties of CBD. While there’s still room for growth – especially with the limited supplements currently available – what’s already being offered appears to have been given a lot of thought.

An interesting facet of NanoCraft is their willingness to educate consumers on how CBD helps within the health and fitness industry, as they’ve since offered different blog posts giving in-depth examples and scenarios as to how the healing works.

As competition within the CBD market increases, more is required of said firms, hence the fact that lab results aren’t available appears to be the only con. And price wise, the time and effort put into creating said products make it relatively affordable.

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