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MedJoy: CBD Company News and Product Review Updates

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MedJoy: CBD Bath Bombs, Hemp Pain Relief Creams, Balms, Oil Tinctures And Pet Products


What makes the CBD market personal is the fact that most brands flourish into existence because of a loved one. In particular, the carer typically searches for a solution that adheres to one’s health needs and fails in doing so. Instead of giving up, the expected standards are then created and delivered as products so that the rest of the world can benefit from them. This is similar to how Medjoy came into existence.

As per the claims made, Medjoy stemmed from a couple’s admiration for cannabidiol (CBD), as they’ve assessed different strengths on a daily basis. With the attained benefits and their growing passion for CBD, the husband and wide duo decided to create a line of their own. To see how Medjoy differs from the rest, the following review will explore its purpose, products offered and other factors that make them stand out.

What Is Medjoy Founded On?

As previously mentioned, a factor that contributes to Medjoy’s existence is a couple’s passion for CBD. Fortunately, it doesn’t stop there, as the duo’s goal is to ensure that consumers (i.e. humans and pets) attain quality and effective CBD solutions that serve as the foundation to balancing one’s mind and body.

The overall mission has supposedly been achieved through the different measures taken. For instance, Medjoy claims to use full spectrum oil, which implies the use of the whole plant. As per existing cannabinoids studies, the combination of compounds is believed to be far more effective for treatment purposes rather than retorting to pure extracts.

Another factor worth mentioning here is the source of hemp, as it is believed to be obtained from Colorado farms. This is great, considering that Colorado only supports industrial hemp, which means they aren’t used for drugs. Also, a limit on THC presence that is safe for consumption has been placed to 0.3%.

How Diverse Is The Medjoy Product Line?

Medjoy’s product lines are not only diverse, but they are also quite extensive. In particular, essentials for both humans and pets are currently being offered. What’s to follow in an analysis of both groups of essentials respectively.

Medjoy For People

Medjoy’s line created for people contains interesting infusions. First, there is the CBD Bath Bombs with Eucalyptus Essential Oil. For those who want to relieve pain, can now do so without having to solely rely on rubs. More specifically, it claims to relieve the body because of the eucalyptus oil and 50mg of pure CBD. If recovery isn’t one’s main goal, alternative bath bombs that induce relaxation and awakening have also been created with a lavender and orange and Ylang Ylang touch respectively that alleviates the mind as well.

Next, we have alternatives to relief bath bombs, which as previously mentioned, are the classic Hemp Pain Relief Creams. The creams have been designed with a twofold purpose, that is, to ease pain and reduce inflammation, while moisturizing the skin. What makes Medjoy praiseworthy here is their disapproval of one-size-fits-all, as the pain relief comes in strengths of 300mg, 450mg and even 900mg + THC-free!

Now we will be directing our attention to Medjoy’s line of oils. A rather new approach to oils is that of syringes. Medjoy’s Cibadol THC-Free CBD Oil Tube houses the maximum concentration they’ve attained of pure CBD (1000mg). Bear in mind that just because it is in syringe form, doesn’t mean it needs to be injected. It is as simple as pressing a desired amount onto one’s finger or spoon and placing it underneath the tongue. The benefit of the syringe is possibly serving size control, which is typically harder to attain via oil bottles.

For those who find oil harder to swallow can retort to tinctures known for its lighter CBD flavor. Medjoy carries the Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture in varying strengths including 300, 900 and 1800mg.

Last not but least, comes Medjoy’s Chai with CBD, which is what gives them the competitive edge, as not many tea infusions have hit the market. The Chai with CBD is a collaboration between Medjoy and Blue Lotus Chai, ultimately combining the power of CBD and the latter’s “golden marsala chai”.

Medjoy For Pets

As for Medjoy’s line of pet essentials, those very similar to “people’s” essentials have been introduced with obvious tailoring. For instance, pets have the Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil Capsules (300mg), Full Spectrum Oil (1000mg of pure CBD), Chicken flavored oil tincture (300mg), and two pain relief balms consisting of 450mg and 900mg of CBD.

When it comes to pets, consumers should be vigilant, as their systems are far more sensitive and may experience side effects with over dosage! Refer to Medjoy’s suggestions for administration.

What Measures Has Medjoy Taken That Deserves Praise?

The main factor that makes Medjoy praiseworthy is their continuous effort in being fully transparent. One thing that is rarely seen is complete product descriptions. Medjoy takes it a step further by providing pictures of all the solutions’ labels along with the color of each solution where applicable. This is definitely helpful for consumers, especially those just beginning to experiment, as they will know what to expect beforehand.

MedJoy Conclusion

Clearly, the duo’s passion for CBD has been suitably reflected in Medjoy’s essentials as they’ve not only created unique infusions but have also made every inch of detail available. Instead of stopping at suggesting the total amount of CBD present in an entire solution, they’ve gone as far as indicating per serving amount. This has been a debated concern among consumers, studying the fact that proper dosing has yet to be set for its uses.

In addition, alternative ingredients that have been selected to work in unison with either the full spectrum or the pure CBD solutions come from a natural source – eliminating compromises in quality altogether. Finally, Medjoy has definitely considered different lifestyles, as their prices range anywhere between $19.99 and $84.99 – allowing the mass population to reap the benefits of phytocannabinoids.

MedJoy: CBD Product Updates

  • Full Spectrum Hemp (CBD) Oil Natural Flavor 1oz Tincture (300mg, 900mg, 1800mg)
  • Full Spectrum Hemp (CBD) Oil 15ml 1000mg (99+% pure)
  • THC-FREE CBD Syringe 1000mg 15ml (99+% pure)
  • Super Strength CBD THC Free (3,600mg, 7,200mg)
  • 50mg CBD Bath Bombs
  • Full Spectrum Hemp (CBD) Oil Extra Strength Balm 2oz (900mg) – Intensive Pain Relief
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Balm (450mg Hemp Oil) – Extra Strength 1oz
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Pain Relief Cream with 300mg 6oz – Intensive Pain Relief
  • THC-FREE CBD (99+% pure) Extra Strength Balm 900mg 2oz
  • Full Spectrum CBD Softgels 300mg 30ct (10mg ea)
  • Full Spectrum CBD Softgels 900mg 30ct (30mg ea)
  • THC-FREE CBD Softgels 900mg 30ct (30mg ea)
  • MedJoy Chai with CBD (1000mg CBD per 3 oz. tin)
  • For Pets – Full Spectrum Hemp (CBD) Oil Capsules 300mg 30ct (10mg ea) Chicken Flavor
  • For Pets – Full Spectrum Hemp (CBD) Oil 15ml 1000mg (99+% pure) Natural Flavor
  • For Pets – Full Spectrum Hemp (CBD) Oil Tincture (900mg, 1,800mg) Chicken Flavor
  • For Pets – Full Spectrum Hemp (CBD) Balm 450mg Extra Strength 1oz – Intensive Pain Relief
  • For Pets – Full Spectrum Hemp (CBD) Balm 900mg Extra Strength 2oz – Intensive Pain Relief
  • For Pets – Full Spectrum Hemp (CBD) Oil Tincture 300mg Chicken Flavor

MedJoy: CBD Company News Updates

  • Location: San Diego, CA
  • Money Back Guarantee: Yes
  • Phone: 858.255.0311
  • Email:
  • Online Web Support: No
  • Official Website:
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