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Feals: CBD Company News and Product Review Updates

Feals: Monthly Curated CBD Delivery of High-Quality Cannabidiol Products

Feals: Monthly Curated CBD Delivery of High Quality Cannabidiol Products

Feals is a company that offers a variety of strengths for CBD oil, allowing consumers to sign up for a subscription to receive deliveries to the door. There are not many variations, but the only way to purchase them are from the official website.

What is Feals?

CBD oil is a growing industry, but the actual substance itself has been helpful to the body for as long as holistic medicine has been around. CBD itself is only one of the 100+ active compounds that the hemp plant offers, and it corresponds directly with the endocannabinoid system in the body. The endocannabinoid system has tiny receptors around the body that help with mood regulation, pain management, and other daily experiences.

By adding CBD oil to the body, the receptors are activated as they stimulate the different benefits that they are supposed to use. The body is designed in a way that these receptors are supposed to be activated, and the Feals company even says, “You could even say our bodies are hard-wired to benefit from CBD.” That is why they have developed remedies that help consumers get the nourishment that their endocannabinoid system needs.

In all of the Feal products, consumer will get full-spectrum CBD, also known as whole plant CBD. Full spectrum CBD offers all of the cannabinoid forms that the plant offers. Isolate CBD, however, only specifically contains cannabidiol. Across the industry, the optimal type of CBD to get is full spectrum CBD. To get these benefits, due to how concentrated the oils are, the user should only need a couple of drops, but every person’s experience is different.

Quality Factors

All of the remedies available from Feals are based in the USA, and the company prioritizes sustainability and support for the farmers and businesses that provide the hemp. Every hemp plant is sourced from Colorado and Oregon, hand-harvested with care and in accordance with organic farming practices.

Along with CBD oil, the available product includes MCT Oil, which is meant for improving the metabolism and increasing the burning of stored fat for energy. MCT oil comes from coconuts, and it is meant to act as a carrier oil, which creates stability in the formula, while improving how well the body can accept it.

To preserve as much of the natural nutrients as possible, the hemp oil is extracted with pressurized CO2 with equipment that is exclusively available via the Feals manufacturers. There are no fillers, extra chemicals, or unnecessary substances in these remedies, ensuring that they are as pure as possible. Furthermore, the company tests out each batch with a third-party lab, which provides a Certificate of Analysis to validate the ingredients.

Available Products from Feals

The products from Feals are divided by strength. Every person has a different need for CBD, and the tolerance that they have for it is usually the indicator of the concentration that they need. When the user decides to subscribe to deliveries, they initially choose the strength they want. The company offers:

  • 600 mg ($74.95)
  • 1200 mg ($134.95)
  • 2400 mg ($244.95)

If the user signs up to receive these products through a monthly subscription, they will save 30% on their purchase.

Along with the available strengths, consumers have the option of purchasing a package called “The Flight.” The Flight is a package that provides the user with all three of the different strengths, allowing the customer to determine the best remedy for themselves generally, while increasing the strength if needed. However, consumers should keep in mind that each of these vials only contains enough of the CBD oil for a single use. The package is available for $20, but no monthly option is available.

feals products

How Membership Works

To ensure that consumers that get involved with Feal’s product, the company offers a membership for monthly deliveries. The subscription does not require a long-time commitment, and it can be either cancelled or paused at any time. The user is given an opportunity to find the strength that suits their particular needs the best, and they can change their subscription to a different dose at any time.

Using Feals Remedies

Regardless of the CBD oil that the Feals customer chooses, the way that they will use it remains the same. The website indicates that the user needs to pour the CBD oil underneath their tongue. Instead of swallowing, the user should let it remain there for about 30 seconds before swallowing.

Sublingual use of CBD oil allows the capillaries in the mouth to absorb the ingredients, which pushes the active substances into the bloodstream. By quickly going into the bloodstream, the user can see the therapeutic benefits at a greater speed.

Contacting Feals

Even with the benefits that Feals offers consumers, there may be other questions that need to be addressed before a purchase, after a purchase, or even while setting up a membership. The customer service team can be reached by calling 844-311-9090.

To communicate electronically, the user can send an email to

Feals Review Summary

Feals offers a small variety of options for CBD, primarily focusing on the strength that the formulas provide. The small sample-size version is a great way for consumers to introduce them to the benefits that CBD can provide, while seeing which level of strength is meant for them. While there is not much information on this product, consumers can still use the small remedies to test out how their body reacts to CBD.

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