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cbdMD: CBD Company News and Product Review Updates


cbdMD: Premium CBD Oil Tinctures, Gummies, Vape Oil, Bath Bombs and Creams

CBD has become a growing alternative for those seeking natural solutions to pain. So far, it has been more apparent in helping epilepsy and seizures, which was one of the reasons why CBD was further looked into. Ultimately, when it comes to picking a line of CBD products its key to look into, extractions methods, ensure quality control, safety and potency are on par and cbdMD claims to have passed these key guidelines.

The following review will take a look at cbdMD as a whole and what they believe are the optimal ways to consume CBD.

What Is cbdMD?

According to cbdMD  website the company was founded on two factors: quality and innovation. Their main objective is to ensure consumers receive the highest quality CBD, for which many extraction and growing techniques have been considered. Based on the claims made, a lot went into choosing the location to plant the roots. In particular, cbdMD, “visited 3 continents, 14 countries. And 8 states,” and chose Kentucky because of their nutritious soils. 2016 was a successful year for the firm, as they’ve received three rewards: Best Flavor, Highest Quality, and Reviewers’ Choice Winner.

For what reasons was cbdMD given these fulfilling awards? The best way to understand this is by looking into their line of products.

cbdMD Products

Currently, cbdMD offers CBD-infused Oil Tincture Drops, Capsules, Gummies, Vape Oils, Topicals, Bath Bombs and essentials for animals. In better understanding, the different formulas and what consumers can expect from them, a quick look at some of the products have been made and this is what can be shared:

Premium CBD Oil

The Premium CBD Oil contains 10mg of CBD per serving (in a 30 ml bottle). Its extract has also been mixed with two other sources of cannabinoids, including CBG and CBDV, which have been known to work in unison with CBD to offer better results.

In addition to the 30 ml bottle, consumers can purchase 60 ml bottles at differing strength levels. The strengths range from 300mg to 5000mg, which is the highest offered by any brand to date. As for the flavors, consumers can choose between unflavored, mint, orange and berries. A 30 ml bottle with 300mg of CBD is currently offered at approximately $27.95.

cbdmd premium cbd oil


CBD Tinctures Natural, Berry, Orange, Mint Prices
300mg – CBD Tinctures – 30ml $29.99
750mg – CBD Tinctures- 30ml $69.99
1500mg – CBD Tinctures- 30ml $99.99
3000mg – CBD Tinctures- 30ml $149.99
5000mg – CBD Tinctures – 30ml $239.99
7500mg – CBD Tinctures- 30ml $339.99
1000mg – CBD Tinctures – 60ml $74.99
1500mg – CBD Tinctures – 60ml $99.99

Premium CBD Gummies

Like the previously mentioned product, the gummies also come in 10mg of CBD per serving. However, it is limited considering it only comes in either 300mg or 750mg strength levels. For a count of 30 with 300ml strength, consumers can expect to invest about $27.95.

cbdmd gummies


CBD Gummies Prices
30 CBD Gummies 300mg $29.99
30 CBD Gummies 7500mg $69.99

CBD Topicals

When it comes to topical solutions, cbdMD carries three different types of products called the CBD Freeze, Inflammation Formula, and Moisturizing Lotion.

The first comes in either a roller or squeeze form and has been created to give immediate healing to affected regions. It is most appropriate for those who suffer from muscle aches, arthritis, back, and joint pain.

The second focuses on recovery, which is reflected in the chosen ingredients including CBD, Arnica (used for bruises, sprains, and aches), Vitamin B6 (i.e. contributes towards healthy skin and rids inflammation), and MSM (essential for joint and muscle pain). Lastly, the moisturizing lotion, as obvious as it may sound, has been created to hydrate one’s skin while offering essential nutrients to build-up on the skin’s defense mechanism. The minimum price one can expect, like every other category, is about $27.95.

cbdmd topicals


CBD Freeze – Cold Therapy Pain Relief Prices
300mg – 3oz Roller $29.99
750mg – 3oz Roller $69.99
1500mg – 3oz Roller $99.99
300mg – 4oz Squeeze $29.99
750mg – 4oz Squeeze $69.99
1500mg – 4oz Squeeze $99.99
CBD Recover –  Inflammation Formula Prices
300mg – 2oz Tub $29.99
750mg – 4oz Tub $59.99
1500mg – 4oz Tub $99.99
300mg – 2oz Squeeze $29.99
750mg – 4oz Squeeze $59.99
1500mg – 4oz Squeeze $99.99
CBD Revive – Moisturizing Lotion Prices
300mg – 2oz Squeeze $29.99
750mg – 4oz Squeeze $59.99
1500mg – 4oz Squeeze $99.99

CBD Bath Bombs

CBD-infused bath bombs are definitely unheard of; therefore, this gives cbdMD a great competitive edge compared to others. Each bath bomb contains 100mg of CBD, and like all of the other products, this also contains CBG and CBDV. Interestingly, essential oils like Frankincense, Lavender, and Eucalyptus has been included to achieve a sense of relaxation. To make optimal use of the bath bomb, consumers are encouraged to fill their bathtub with warm water, allow the bath bomb to dissolve and get right in.

cbdmd bath bombs


CBD Bath Bombs Signature Collection Prices
Romance CBD Bath Bomb Frankincense $9.99
Resist CBD Bath Bomb Lavender $9.99
Relax CBD Bath Bomb Lavender $9.99
Rise CBD Bath Bomb Eucalyptus $9.99
Rejuvenate CBD Bath Bomb Eucalyptus $9.99
Restore CBD Bath Bomb Therapeutic $9.99

CBD For Animals

CBD infused products directed towards pets is definitely not new, but cbdMD has proven themselves once more for innovation and considering the mass population. In particular, products are categorized to meet the needs of dogs, cats, and horses. Dogs are offered CBD infused treats and all three have their respective tinctures.

CBD tinctures are created by steeping hemp into alcohol and are cooked over long periods of time to produce a solution that has a sufficient CBD potency. Considering the fact that animals also have an endocannabinoid system, they too deserve supplements that help to overcome pain and enhance the quality of life.

cbdmd pets


CBD Oil Pet Tinctures Prices
150mg CBD Oil – Natural or Peanut Butter $19.99
300mg CBD Oil – Natural or Peanut Butter $29.99
750mg CBD Oil – Natural or Peanut Butter $69.99
1500mg CBD Oil – Natural or Peanut Butter $99.99
3000mg  CBD Oil – Natural or Peanut Butter $149.99
CBD Pet Treats Prices
150mg – Baked Cheese – Peanut Butter – Sweet Potato $24.99
300mg – Baked Cheese – Peanut Butter – Sweet Potato $34.99
600mg – Baked Cheese – Peanut Butter – Sweet Potato $64.99
CBD Cat Chews Prices
150mg – Chicken and Catnip $24.99
300mg – Chicken and Catnip $34.99
CBD Soft Chews for Dogs Prices
150mg – Chicken & Bacon $24.99
300mg – Chicken & Bacon $34.99
600mg – Chicken & Bacon $64.99
CBD Hip & Joints Soft Chews for Dogs Prices
150mg – Bacon $29.99
300mg – Bacon $39.99
600mg – Bacon $69.99
CBD Calming Soft Chews for Dogs Prices
150mg – Bacon $29.99
300mg – Bacon $39.99
600mg – Bacon $69.99
CBD Peanut Butter Prices
150mg – 16oz Jar $29.99
300mg – 16oz Jar $39.99
600mg – 16oz Jar $69.99
CBD Balm Prices
Paw CBD Balm 2 oz. 500mg $39.99

cbdMD Conclusion

Overall, cbdMD appears to be a brand worth trying as they’ve taken into account unique CBD-infused solutions that can meet the needs and expectations of each individual consumer. As previously mentioned, cbdMD has taken a lot of measures to ensure that the chosen soil in which the flowering plants will flourish is nutritious.

In order to keep the THC (i.e. mind-altering cannabinoid component) to the threshold of 0.3% and under, cbdMD has taken cautious steps such as combing their “hybrid broad-spectrum process and the absolute purest crystalline CBD isolate,” as mentioned on their website. This is important to note because many consumers fear of having a solution that contains mind-altering effects, therefore cbdMD’s initiative towards bringing awareness to consumers is yet another supportive facet.

Lastly, cbdMD is one of the fewest brands to carry smaller quantities at considerably low prices. This is ideal because there are no set instructions for taking CBD as it depends on each individual’s tolerance level – allowing consumers to test what works prior to making big investments.

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