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Canadian Blends Defence: CBD Company News and Product Review Updates

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Canadian Blends Defence CBD: Herbal CBD Oil Tinctures, Vape E-Juices And Pet Products

Canadian Blends Defence CBD

Canadian Blends Defence claims to have spent much time building relationships with concentrate producers, medical growers, and bakers with the aim of ensuring a continuous supply of quality CBD products. Unlike many players in the industry, Canadian Blends Defence has 24-hour email support. This proves the company’s commitment to having all customer’s doubts, concerns, and questions about CBD solved.

Canadian Blends Defence products are lab tested for potency and consistency in dosage and oil concentrates. These products are free of THC, which is the psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. Items worth over $100.00 are shipped at no extra charge all over Canada within 3 to 5 days. Customers are not required to pay any customs or duty fees as the product’s cost is inclusive of all this.

Canadian Blends Defence Products

CBD Vape E-Juice

Canadian Blends Defense’s vape juice is made with 100% natural CBD isolate and is packaged in a 30ml bottle. It is recommended for vape devices and can be mixed with the user’s favorite e-liquid. To use this product, no special wattage or settings are required. It can be used in any vape device. Canadian Blends Defense’s vape juice is sold in 250mg, 500mg, and 100mg CBD oil extract concentrations. The 250mg vape e-juice goes for $30.00.It gives 8.5mg of CBD per serving, 25.2mg of CBD per 3ml vape tank, and about 0.42mg of CBD per drop.

A 500 mg vape juice is sold at $55.00. It delivers 17mg per serving, 51mg per 3ml vape tank, and 0.85mg per drop. Retailing at $80, the 1000mg e-juice gives the user 34mg CBD per serving, 102mg per 3ml vape tank, and about 1.7mg per drop.

Canadian Blends Defence Tinctures

Canadian Blends Defence tinctures give the user an entourage effect and are responsible for solving a myriad of health conditions. The tinctures are sold in 30ml bottles and come with a dropper for easier administration. The base of Canadian Blends Defence tinctures is natural olive oil. Users can choose from Clove, ginger, pomegranate, or thyme flavors.

Canadian Blends Defence tinctures improve the user’s mitochondrial function and minimize the risk of diseases like diabetes atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, cancer, epilepsy, and autoimmune diseases. They also prevent non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, fibromyalgia, cramps, body pain, muscle spasms, nausea, seizures, PSTD, PMS/PMDD, Crohn's Disease, RLS, and so on. These tinctures improve cognitive and neurological function, enhance athletic performance, and increase the user’s energy levels.

The recommended dose is 1 ml, which is equivalent to a full dropper. Canadian Blends Defence contains olive oil, which might cause allergies.

Canadian Blends Defence tinctures are sold in 250 mg, 1000mg, and 2500mg CBD oil extract. These go for $30.00, 80.00, and 200.00 respectively. The 1000mg and 2500mg tinctures are suitable for higher dosage needs. They are ideal for people suffering from medical conditions like arthritis, cancer, epilepsy, severe pain, and multiple sclerosis among others.

Canadian Blends Defence Tincture For pets

Coming in 30ml bottles, Canadian Blends Defence pet tinctures are intended to support healthy blood pressure and cholesterol. They help in the proper development and growth for pet’s brain, heighten moods and support cognitive functions. These tinctures naturally support the pet’s immunity and inflammatory response.

Other benefits are maintaining lustrous and shiny coat as well as helping a pet avoid a degenerative skin, coat conditions like inflamed, dry, itchy skin, dull, lifeless coat, skin shedding, and hot spots. The tincture also supports heart health and balanced metabolism. Other benefits are reduced pain, anxiety, vomiting, nausea, sleep problems, inflammation, and nervous system support.

Canadian Blends Defence pet tinctures are sold in two different CBD concentrations. One is the 30ml 100mg bottle, selling at $20.00. The other is a 30ml 200mg CBD oil bottle that costs $25.00. The higher the CBD oil amount, the more effective tincture is.

Canadian Blends Defence CBD Final Verdict

While there are not much customer reviews on Canadian Blends Defence products, only a few users seem unsatisfied. The products are well crafted with high industry standards, and safety is guaranteed. Their prices are entirely fair when compared to those of other industry players, and with their free delivery for products over $100.00, the deal gets sweeter. We hence vouch for the Canadian Blends Defence brand and all products sold by the company.

Canadian Blends Defence: CBD Product Updates

  • CBD 30 ml Tincture 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 2500mg, 5000mg
  • CBD Vape E-Juice 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg
  • CBD 30ml Tincture for Pets 100mg, 250mg, 500mg
  • CBD Capsules 25 pack 20mg, 50mg, 100mg, 250mg, 500mg
  • CBD Isolate 1g, 5g, 10g, 25g, 50g

Canadian Blends Defence: CBD Company News Updates

  • Location: 1720 56 St, Delta, BC V4L 2B1, Canada
  • Email:
  • Online Web Support: Yes
  • Official Website:
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