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Blue Sky Biologicals: CBD Company News and Product Review Updates

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Blue Sky Biologicals: Organic Kanabia CBD+ Oils, Satiica Skincare And Amarit Pet Products

Blue Sky Biologicals

Blue Sky Biologicals is a company that develops “the most effective organic cannabinoid products in the world,” using full spectrum extracts. The brand presently offers their remedies directly through the website but interested retailers can reach out to the brand to discuss becoming a third-party seller.

What Is Blue Sky Biologicals?

The concept of natural healing has been around since the Stone Age, but there have been many substantial advancements since then. There is an entire pharmaceutical industry that centers around the research of newly crafted medicines that were made by man, but supporters of cannabidiol (CBD) believe that nature has already provided a solution. At Blue Sky Biologicals, consumers can use healthy supplements that feature the organic support of CBD.

When Blue Sky Biologicals was first founded, they were created with the intention of helping their customers heal through the help of CBD. Each of their extracts go through a “unique process,” which creates the restorative effect within the body. Their team is small, but they have grown quickly, which is most likely due to the positive reception from customers, in regard to the products available.

With all of this progress, the company centers around the use of full-spectrum organic cannabinoids, which means that they use the entire plant, rather than individual parts of it. The company focuses on developing products within the following categories – functional food and beverage, cosmetics and personal care products, supplements, and pet care.

There are no “additives, chemicals, or pesticides in any part of [the] development processes.”

Blue Sky Biologicals Products

The products from Blue Sky Biologicals involve three brands, which span across four categories. The brands – Kanabia, Amarit, and Satiica – include all organic ingredients. The full spectrum of cannabinoids included are CBD (63.6%), CBD-V (10.7%), THC-V (9.1%), and CBG (7.5%). With these cannabinoids, consumers can expect one or more of the following effects, based on the remedy:

  • More balance for consumers with a diagnosis of depression or anxiety
  • Support for neurodegenerative disease
  • Less nausea
  • Lowered risk of epileptic seizures
  • Clearer and less problematic skin complexion
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Prevention and support for colon cancer
  • Less risk of eating disorders
  • Simpler weight management

Read on below to learn about a few of the remedies that Blue Sky Biologicals offers.

Amarit Dog Treats

Though most people prioritize the use of CBD for humans, animals can withstand a lower dose to get many of the same effects, since they also have an endocannabinoid system. These treats are formulated to reduce anxiety or other nervous activity, which is particularly helpful for animals with separation anxiety or fear of loud noises. There are three flavors available, and they can also be used as a daily wellness supplement.

Satiica Sooth & Repair Toothpaste

Inflammation is common throughout the body, though sensitive gums and teeth can be further perpetuated by these issues. This formula offers 200mg of cannabinoids within the 100-gram tube, with is blended with aloe leaf and Himalayan salt, making this product a helpful companion for consumers that want to repair damage in their mouth without the effect of mint that can worsen the issue.

Kanabia CBD+ Tinctures

The CBD+ Tinctures from the Kanabia line are meant for consumers that need a high dose of cannabinoids to give them the desired benefits. Consumers have the option of multiple concentrations, though newcomers to CBD will most likely need to go through some trial and error before they find the right dose and concentration for their needs. There are infused ingredients in each of these options, and the liquid format of them makes the absorbency in the body much faster.

Based on the current information available, consumers can start around 250mg per bottle, and go up to 1000mg per bottle.

Contacting The Creators Behind Blue Sky Biologicals

Considering how many CBD companies there are on the market today, customers may want to contact the company to learn more details, before deciding if this is the right brand for them. The company is located in Canada and can be reached by phone by calling +1 604 601 5617.

If the user would prefer to get in touch via email, there is a fill-in form available on the official website, requiring the customer’s name and email address to respond.

Blue Sky Biologicals Summary

Blue Sky Biologicals provides plenty of education on the use of cannabis, including multiple case studies to support the information. The three distinct brands allow the company to touch on nearly every way that CBD is known to help right now, though there is no way to purchase the products on the website. This is most likely due to the varied laws regarding cannabis use in each state and even each country. Consumers that want to know more should get in touch with the brand to find locations that sell their products, since much of these details appear to target retailers that want to collaborate with Blue Sky Biologicals.

Considering the content of THC in Blue Sky Biologicals remedies, consumers may need to consider this factor when qualifying for work or other benefits with a drug test.

Blue Sky Biologicals: CBD Product Updates


  • CBD Cat Treats
  • CBD Dog Treats
  • CBD Nectar Spray
  • Hemp Oil Clear Heal Gel


  • CBD+ Living Themple Chocolate Bars
  • CBD+ Capsules
  • CBD+ Tinctures


  • Deep Repair Lip Balm
  • Organic Healing Balm
  • Firming Eye Cream
  • Soothing Hand & Body Moisturizer
  • Skin Rejuvinator Serum
  • Soothe & Repair Toothpaste

Blue Sky Biologicals: CBD Company News Updates

Location: Suite 1500, 701 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC Canada V7Y 1G5
Money Back Guarantee:
Phone: +1 604 601 5617
Online Web Support: Yes
Official Website:

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