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Sagely Naturals: CBD Oil Relief & Recovery Cream, Spray, Headache Roll-On Skincare?

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Sagely Naturals promises a clean, certified product that will meet your expectations with their line of CBD-enriched body care products that have the highest quality. Also, Sagely Naturals are focused on topical body care products that are rich in CBD and boast of selling a wide variety of products such as creams, sprays, lotions and roll-ons.

The apparent philosophy with Sagely Naturals is that it is plant-based body support and healing rather than getting a CBD experience. The team works with experienced and certified chemists to create their products from premium hemp and state-of-the-art extraction facilities in USA.

About Sagely Naturals

The Sagely Naturals Company was founded by Kerrigan Behren and Kaley Nichol to use CBD as a cure to cure the former’s chronic pain. After learning of the plant-based healing, both decided to put their new knowledge to good use. And those Sagely Naturals was born.

The company is fiercely committed to ensuring it offers the best quality products sourced from non-GMO organic CBD from US grown hemp. The extraction process is under strict quality standards to ensure every batch is off high quality.


Sagely Naturals offer a line of products through two categories

  • Relief & Recovery

The category is meant for products designed to help with inflammation and physical pain. There is a headache roll-on ($29.99), cream ($19.99), capsules ($49.99) and a spray ($27.99).

  • Tranquility

The items in this line help with the mind and mood of the individual. Sagely Naturals further implies the products have soothing and calming properties. They include capsules ($49.99), a cream ($35.99) and a stress relief roll-on ($29.99).

What We Noticed

For customers new to the concept of CBD, Sagely Natural starts you off with their CBD 101 sections and blog site to offer more education the cannabis component. Additionally, the fact that all the products are non-GMO and organic make it an excellent consideration if you are avoiding adverse after-effects.

We also took notice that Sagely Naturals fuses its ingredients with other natural elements such as essential oils. These plant components can further improve the overall wellbeing of the user. The triple testing part is another added advantage on both sides, especially to the users. If true, Sagely Naturals could be among the leading CBD companies to ensure high accuracy and consistency in their products.

Lastly, we can’t fail to mention that Sagely Naturals has a pretty simple website that is easily navigable. In comparison to other CBD-based sites we’ve reviewed, Sagely Naturals was quite neat regarding product pages, sections and the check-out selection. Despite the effortless website outlook, the company still provides in-depth descriptions, with additional customer reviews on the side. The buying process is also painless and standard to allow for secure checkout and shipping process.

You can also enjoy the free shipping for orders above $36. Remember, we already do consider Sagely Naturals products as reasonably priced despite them being high-quality products. There are plenty of expensive CBD products, but they don’t seem to meet the same commitment to quality.

What’s Missing?

Sadly, we can’t fail to mention areas we consider Sagely Natural are failing or would somewhat improve on. For starters, we would love it if they had an oil form product in their items since they are quite popular. Also, there are no pet products to cater to our pet canines. Perhaps Sagely Naturals will consider this notion in the future if it is possible. Finally, we were entirely written off with the lack of test results from scientific research or studies of their products. It may not seem necessary, but it would be vital to know what third-party institutions and researchers think about a product’s components and their apparent health benefits.


Despite the downside, it’s undeniable that Sagely Naturals has plenty of pros that outweigh the cons. And although initially meant for ladies, the critical products are now being put to use by people across different ages and gender. All-in-all, if you are suffering from pain or stress, you can use Sagely Naturals plant-based products to help with the conditions and keep you active. As per customer reviews, the products are rated high-quality with a bonus of smelling lovely compared to other CBD products.

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