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Heart & Body Naturals: Herbal Hemp Wellness Brand And CBD Oil Products

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Heart & Body Naturals

About Heart & Body Naturals

Heart and Body Naturals is a health and wellness brand focused on providing natural formulations known worldwide. The company natural practices result in one of the markets leading economical products that are as eco-friendly as possible.

Heart & Body Naturals lists its base as Ohio but gives out an indication of its expansive presence in different territories within the United States. The brand’s founder, Alexandria Brighton, is a renowned Aromatherapy Formulator and educator, recognized for her efforts in setting standards in the field.

Heart & Body Naturals Product Catalog

Heart & Body Naturals‘ commits manufacturing for over two hundred supplement products under different categories.

Hemp Herbals

The Herbals range consists of full spectrum CBD oil tinctures available in 500mg and 1000mg bottles. They come with deep green color to give it the farm fresh natural look plus flavor. Each drop is naturally rich in Omega Essential Fatty acids, terpenes and the full-spectrum CBD oil.


The Rise CBD coffee is nano-emulsified with the Cannabidiol component to deliver a 25mg dose in every cup of the beverage. It is also listed as a THC-free soluble hemp extract infused with premium ground Arabica beans.

Pet Products

The HB Naturals pet category lists CBD-based repellents, Itch and pain relief products for your furry friends. Also available is a Cold & Congestion dosage and the sedative-like Calm for Pets.


HB Naturals also offers an original Healing Trilogy package of MIND, BODY, and Soul to help the body heal naturally. These ayurvedic ‘superfoods’ are further formulated with ingredients that assist in losing weight, reducing inflammation and overall nourish the body.

Weight Loss

HBNaturals Weight loss category features supplement products focused on helping individuals burn body fat and lose weight without undertaking much effort. The SLIMMER, VITALITEA and Chromium beStable are available for those looking for a healthy weight management product.


HBNaturals also unleashes a range of pure minerals infused with CBD through water-soluble angstrom form. The proprietary products are based on minerals such as Zinc, Iron, Magnesium, Chromium, and Potassium.

Personal Care

This section lists different organic beauty products that help rejuvenate and renew the skin. Some of the skincare items available include flavored CBD-based soap bars, moisturizer, cleanser, creams, and a time-use vial.

Heart & Body Naturals Pros

  • All of HBNatural’s products are independently tested by 3rd party labs to build consistency in quality.
  • The hemp extracts are organically grown and manufactured to ensure a high standard in the CBD
  • HBNaturals offers customer trust with supply chain transparency of the ingredients
  • The company further validates its quality by producing high-end natural full-spectrum extracts from the hemp
  • All of HBNaturals products are locally grown and extracted from Kentucky soil

Heart & Body Naturals Conclusion

Heart & Body Naturals receives plenty of positive reviews from customer feedback. Overall, we are pretty satisfied with the quality and safety of their natural products. Therefore, it is safe to say Heart & Body Naturals is a trusted brand that you can be sure to get high standard products worth trying.


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