New Colon Cancer Treatment from Cannabics Pharmaceuticals in Development

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals’ new cannabinoid-based colon cancer treatment has passed an important phase in testing. On Monday, Cannabics revealed that it has completed the formula’s pre-clinical trial at its Israel research facility. The main ingredients in the medicine are Cannabinoid‘s Cannabigerolic acid (CBGA) and Cannabidivarin (CBDV). Cannabics says these 2 components can fight tumors.

No High, Even in Large Doses

Furthermore, neither cannabinoids have any psychoactive effect like THC, which means they can be taken in high doses and they won’t be giving the user the feeling of being ‘high.' An American company, Cannabics develops personalized cannabis therapies for cancer at its research and development facility in Israel, the city of Tel Aviv, having a license from the Israeli Ministry of Health to perform both scientific and clinical cannabinoid cancer formulations research.

Mainstream Medicine Still Analyzing Cannabis’ Effect on Cancer

It’s already known that cannabis is effective to treat pain, loss of appetite and nausea in cancer patients. Mainstream medicine is still studying if it can treat cancer or not. There are only a few specific cannabinoids that have proven to have anti-tumor effects until now.

What some research also says is that people who prefer to try alternative therapies for cancer delay the treatments they already receive from their oncologists, which reduces their body’s ability to combat the illness in the long run. Ever since cannabis has been legalized in many countries around the world and some American states, research for weed’s medical applications has started to receive more funding.

Cannabinoids Still Effective Against Cancer

Marijuana and its many types of cannabinoids are still being tested for their amazing effects against post-traumatic stress disorder, addiction to opioids and even cancer. For example, there are now tests being done for the effects of cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabichromene (CBC) against gastrointestinal cancer.

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