Stigma CBD Products: Mindfully Crafted CBD Hemp Supplements

Stigma is a brand for CBD products that allow users to improve their wellness. Many of the products are combined with essential oils to amplify the effects, balancing both how CBD can work within the body and how it can nourish the skin.

What is Stigma?

Since CBD started gaining attention in mainstream media, companies have looked for ways to deliver these products to their consumers. Even though it only became legal across the country two years ago, it didn't take long for the entire industry to notice and develop superior products for every person. Even though there is still waiting on behalf of the Food and Drug Administration to create specific CBD regulations, online retailers like Stigma allow users to experience their formulas in multiple ways.

Stigma focuses on crafting specialized products that can help consumers to improve their body. Even though there is not much information on the website about the brand itself, the creators let the products show their values. On every single ordering page, consumers can view the lab tests for that particular product.

Still, the transparency of this brand is only one way the company stands out. Let's take a look at all of the products that Stigma currently offers.

What Products Are Offered by Stigma?

Right now, the Stigma CBD line can be narrowed down to four types of products – CBD oil, CBD cream, CBD rub, and CBD capsules.


There are two types of CBD oil found with Stigma – the Dream Oil and the basic CBD oil.

Dream oil is a combination of cannabis-based hemp and hops. The formula is edible, helping the user relax when they want to sleep at night. Users can either make a one time purchase for $59.99 or subscribe to monthly shipments for $39.99 per order.

The standard CBD oil is available in two flavors, mint and natural, but that similarity doesn't keep them from being effective. The formula can be taken every day, allowing the formula to remain underneath the tongue for approximately 30 seconds before swallowing. Users typically start with half a dropper of the oil, though they can adjust this dose to meet their tolerance level.

Consumers should keep in mind that the mint or natural CBD oil is much more costly than the Dream Oil since a one-time transaction will cost them $79.99.

CBD Cream

The CBD cream takes on the external benefits that CBD can offer, and it is available as a menthol cooling cream or a hydrating cream.

The menthol cream provides an intense aroma, helping the user penetrate the muscles' most profound soreness. Users only will need a small amount, massaging it into the skin where the user is experiencing pain. Along with CBD, the menthol cream includes camphor and essential oils. Users can purchase it for $59.99 as a one-time transaction, or they can subscribe to monthly shipments for $39.99.

The moisturizing cream has no scent, and it can safely be used on the entire body, including the face. Apart from the CBD that it provides the skin, it also includes argan oil, kokum butter, and sweet almond oil (to name a few of the ingredients). Users can purchase it as a one-time transaction for $49.99, or they can pay $34.99 every month to continue shipments.


The Lavender CBD Rub provides a creamy and highly moisturizing salve to penetrate the intensely dry skin. Lavender essential oil is commonly known as a calming substance, giving the user some relaxation as well. Users will also find coconut oil, apricot kernel oil, sunflower seed oil, Shea butter, jojoba seed oil, and other ingredients that restore the skin's softness.

For one jar of the CBD rub, users can pay $49.99 or get a new jar each month for $34.99.

CBD Capsules

With the CBD capsules, consumers returned to the benefits that the formula can offer the body from within. The capsules allow users to bypass the taste of CBD, which some people can find unappetizing. However, that does not take away from the CBD potency, terpenes, phytocannabinoids, and the central oils found in every single capsule. Furthermore, the CBD inside is protected with MCT oil to preserve the formula within the digestive system.

One bottle of the capsules, which is enough to last for an entire month, is $59.99. Monthly shipments are available for $39.99 per order.

Final Thoughts on Stigma

Stigma helps users to fully experience the way that CBD can change the entire body. With formulas to consume and products to apply to the skin, users can shop the website and see if CBD is for them. Plus, the lab tests demonstrate exactly what is in every product, which is necessary for any legitimate CBD brand.

If the user is unsatisfied with any of these products, contact the company at They can give you instructions to send it back within 30 days of the purchase.

To Learn more about Stigma brand CBD, you can visit their official website, here.

Beth Jenkins


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