CbdMD Botanicals Debuts Luxury CBD Skincare Product Line

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CbdMD has launched a new broad-spectrum skincare product line, giving it a grand entry into the beauty industry. As a renowned CBD health-and-wellness company based in Charlotte, NC, CbdMD celebrates its entry into the beauty world. They introduced 15 luxurious new beauty products made of patent-pending all-natural nutrients and plant-based oils.

The CbdMD brand offers body care offerings, including exfoliants, facial oil and serums, facial masks, moisturizer, and toners.

According to CbdMD co-CEO and Chairman Martin Sumichrast, CbdMD Botanicals feature the super-potent patent-pending broad-spectrum CBD formula. The CbdMD formulation includes all-natural plant-sourced nutrients and oils, offering a luxurious and natural skincare product line. The best thing about the products is that they will supply your skin with luxurious botanicals, enhancing everyday self-care balance.

The CbdMD botanicals products are safely formulated and free of parabens, non-GMO, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and include vegan ingredients. Botanicals are known to provide luxurious botanical skincare at a lower cost and with optimal efficiency. Considering CbdMD’s proven reputation in offering consumers the top-leading CBD products, you can be sure that these products will be super potent and reliable.

CbdMD botanicals are currently offered for sale at the official company’s website-cbdmd.com.

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