Botanika Life CBD Products Expands with Beauty Skincare and Pain Relief

Benny Shabtai, an American businessman & tycoon born in Israel, has, together with his team, introduced a collection of eco-friendly, clean & safe, vegan, and cruelty-free relief and wellness products under his Miami-based CBD brand, Botanika Life. The new Botanika Life CBD-infused skincare and wellness products contain hemp ingredients 100% grown and processed in the U.S., providing tons of therapeutic benefits to the skin, body, and mind.

During the launch, Benny Shabtai, Botanika Life’s CEO, said that its core mission is to offer top-notch CBD products to help users achieve mental relief, rejuvenated souls, and healthier bodies. The Botanika Life brand was introduced to provide safe and superior alternatives for wellness and skincare.

As Botanika Life enters the wellness & lifestyle market, it has introduced a range of products suited for active lifestyle users, including first-time CBD users and CBD enthusiasts. The new product collection includes immune boost spray duo, pure & safe skin elixirs, pain relief topicals, and several bath soakers.

Explicitly, the brand new CBD-infused product collection includes a CBD jet pack, a product intended to add relaxation and relief to a traveler’s life. It’s made of sleep spray incorporating magnesium and melatonin and Vitamin C+ Zinc immune spray. The next list is multiuse trio skincare elixirs comprising Elite elixir, Marula & plant stem cell, and vitamin C+ Squalene. The skincare elixirs feature silky-smooth plant-based oils ideal for smoothening, stimulating, brightening, and firming your skin.

The next product collection is the Pain Relief Roll-on, ultra-relief pain rub, and super soothing pain serum. All these products blend menthol and lidocaine and are suitable for easing joint discomfort and muscle soreness. The last product collection is the stress ball bath soak featuring calming coconut lime, eucalyptus, and lavender fragrances. It is ideal for relaxing the body, soothing the soul, and restoring body balance.

This product’s introduction has shown Botanika Life’s dedication to producing products containing all-vegan, paraben, and sulfate-free ingredients. The products are packaged in biodegradable packets, supporting the company’s sustainability goals while minimizing environmental impact. Each product is passed through third-party laboratory testing and quality control standards and comes with detailed and precise authentication certificates. The product formulas are also extensively evaluated via clinical testing as per the cosmetic industry standards, with each product having all the traceable lot codes.

About Botanika Brand

Botanika Life’s product collection spans from products catering to healthy lifestyles and catering to people with active lifestyles. The company is working tirelessly to introduce products that help users fully exploit the many benefits of CBD, enabling clients to achieve full wellness and beauty to realize their desired goals.

About Benny Shabtai

Benny Shabtai is a tycoon and businessman born in Israel, currently living and running his American businesses. Shabtai earned most of his wealth from running Raymond Weil USA, a renowned international luxury watch brand that enjoys impressive customer response. Having run the company for over 30 years, he sold it and ventured into the sale of IM & VoIP software.

Later on, his wife, Mrs. Globe, a renowned nutritionist, introduced him to the world of CBD after she gave him 500mg CBD oil drops. The CBD drops, which helped him regain his natural blood pressure and evened sugar levels, made him realize the other side of CBD, energizing him to develop similar solutions to help people with similar problems. He reduced his prescribed medication intake to 50%, which saw him experience a few joint pain and inflammation issues.

He spoke to his doctor about the benefits he reaped from using CBD, after which he ventured into the CBD industry with such an outstanding milestone. Only a few months later, Shabtai created his now highly trusted CBD brand, Botanika life. The creation was a partnership between him and another three chemists. Under the Botanika life brand, Shabtai has created tons of beauty, hair, wellness pain relief, and sleep-inducing products, all of which are customized to enhance the user’s overall wellness and health, bringing out the best of CBD and hemp ingredients.

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