Infused By Epic Uses Nanotechnology for Creating a Water-Based CBD Oil for Faster Benefits

Infused By Epic™ is now the first technology for making CBD (cannabidiol) extract into water-soluble Nano encapsulated liquid and powder form. The finished product is meant to deliver a potent, bioavailable form of CBD for more efficient onset and complete absorption for sublingual, oral, ocular, transdermal, and other CBD delivery systems.

Water and oil do not mix. Our bodies are about 70% water, and human body cells are about 90% water. Products made of traditional CBD oils are hard to digest, and they take longer to have an effect. As a result, they lose some portion of their potency along the way. With Infused by Epic™, this problem is solved and functionality enhanced.

Products that incorporate the Infused By Epic™ technology achieve a bioavailability that’s at least five times higher and onset than what conventional oil-based products offer. This enables faster absorption into the bloodstream via any water-based mechanism like food, beverages, creams, and gels. The Infused by Epic™ products work with more harmony with the human body and hence offer a much higher percentage of the CBD taken.

What is Nanotechnology?

A nanometer is a unit of measurement for tiny things. Nanotechnology now is the branch of technology responsible with dealing with dimensions and tolerances that are below 100 nanometers. A human hair averages at 50,000 to 100,000 nanometers. Infused by Epic™ CBD oil is less than 100 nanometers.

Why Nanotechnology?

With nanotechnology, it is easy to make products with a faster onset. Such products work well for anxiety, sleep, and pain. They enhance bioactivity to a minimum of 5 times more. This means that product users get all the benefits that they pay for.

Infused by Epic™ was founded by Diana Starr Langley, who is the CEO, a proven technological innovator, and a medical entrepreneur. Kalon Baird is also a co-founder and happens to be a Nano-technology expert and the COO of Infused by Epic™. The team aims at bringing the latest nanotechnology to the rising CBD wellness market.

Proven Results in Treating Cancer!

Out of necessity, this company originated with Baird’s research to develop a potent and bioavailable CBD oil as part of the holistic healing method for his mother, who was battling with breast cancer. Through Baird’s in-depth nanotechnology research and experience in the medical cannabis industry, he achieved his goal, and the journey by his mother ended with a cancer-free diagnosis. They have now brought passion and dedication to sharing premium products from infused by Epic™ with a booming cannabis and CBD market.

Infused By Epic™ powders and liquids are now available to manufacturers as an additive to what they currently produce. These products can also be included in different products made by the company for white label use. Infused By Epic™ CBD products have a maximum potency guarantee and high-quality wellness benefits for the consumer. More details about the company can be found on

Kim Denise

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